The Impact Of Depression Is Widespread

Depression is hurting the nation. The shocking stats say over 16 million Americans suffer from clinical depression and millions more remain undiagnosed. With depression comes symptoms like constant fatigue, insomnia, irritability, and a sense of hopelessness. Even thoughts of suicide. How can the millions with depression get help?

ReNue Rx Vitamins That Help With Depression

An unlikely source of relief

Doctors treat depression in several ways. But is depression related to certain vitamin deficiencies? The signs say yes. Studies link vitamin deficiencies to symptoms of depression. Use the following vitamins treat signs of depression and overall wellbeing.

B complex vitamins

The 8 essential B complex vitamins have various uses. But a B complex supplement also increases metabolism, energy, and mood. For example, B1 or thiamine prevents brain and nervous system disorders. B1 reduces stress and increases energy. Niacin or vitamin B3 deficiencies cause fatigue, depression and memory loss. But B1 and B3 aren’t the only B vitamins for depression.

Three key B vitamins to fight depression

B6, folate, and B12 are three more effective depression fighters. B6 turns food into energy and helps hormone creation Serotonin, responsible for good moods. Folate or B9 impacts almost every cell in the body. B9 has been known to help reduce depression in pregnant women. Finally, B12 creates and improves energy. Additionally, the vitamin treats major depressive disorders. A study shows a reduction of approximately 20% in depressive behaviors after taking B12. Adding a B complex is key in the fight against depression.

Dial D for depression

Heading outdoors provides lots of vitamin D. But the sunshine vitamin also helps with depression. The areas of the brain linked with depression need Vitamin D to work well. Vitamin D deficiencies also produce symptoms like depression. Some symptoms include fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, or a general lack of interest. Stock up on vitamin D supplements.

Try vitamin C for antioxidant power

Can eating more oranges help with depression? Vitamin C or ascorbic acid treats the common cold and depression. Studies support using vitamin C for the treatment of depression. For instance, students taking Vitamin C versus a placebo revealed an increased mood. Vitamin C students also reduced anxiety and blood pressure. Vitamin C also improves the effectiveness of Prozac. Doctors can help determine if a vitamin C deficiency is causing depression.

Vitamins are a simple aid to a complex issue

Vitamins combine to improve mood, increase energy and support brain and nervous system function. To beat depression, patients need the support of family, doctors and even medicine. Add vitamins to the battle. Speak with a healthcare professional for the best quality vitamins to add to the fight.


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