We are a local full-service retail pharmacy chain with friendly, well-trained staff. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service to our community. Our experienced staff will fill all your prescriptions in a fast and efficient manner.


Monoclonal Antibodies

ReNue Rx’s home-infusion capabilities and 50 state reach allow us to quickly meet the needs of high-risk patients across the country. We take care of the nursing coordination to provide at-home treatment or direct treatment at our local pharmacy. Our team is ready now to work with providers to enroll patients.

COVID-19 Additional/Booster Info

Booster doses for patients without compromised immune systems have not been authorized by CDC yet, despite wide ranging media coverage. We do anticipate receiving direction from CDC in the near future on who will be eligible and when patients may be eligible.

Schedule COVID Vaccine

Select Health Mart® pharmacies are now administering COVID-19 vaccines by appointment only, based on local eligibility guidelines. Get started by logging in or registering as a new user.

Rapid COVID-19 Testing

No crowded waiting rooms, lines, or feeling unsafe during the testing process. We are committed to providing our patients a safe, accurate, comfortable, and efficient testing experience.

  • Covid-19 Rapid-Result Antigen Test
  • Covid-19 Rapid-Result Antibody Test
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We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service to our community. Here are a few things that the community is saying about us.

Convenient and quality service. Ive never had my prescriptions filled quicker and the pharmacist took the time to tell me about what I was taking.

ReNue Hampton
Excellent experience! Friendly, knowledgeable staff!
ReNue Frisco
I have been a customer since they opened. Julie and Hiten have both treated me with the utmost respect and have always been ready to take care if my needs with a smile
ReNue Plaza