Work One Minute, Cat Videos The Next?

The fight for attention is at a fever pitch. From social media, online ads, and cat videos, staying focused on tasks seems harder than ever. In fact, over 45% of the day is spent not focused on the current task according to a recent study. Hiding the iPhone helps a little. But finding ways to improve focus increases productivity and efficiency. Getting the right supplements to help the brain is an excellent start.

ReNue Rx Mental Clarity | Can Zinc and Other Supplements Help You Focus?

Want great focus? Pamper the brain.

Getting the proper nourishment to the brain is key. Achieving great focus requires the nerve cells to perform at optimal levels. The faster and longer the nerves in the brain fire, the better. Focus also requires a proper supply of oxygen-rich blood to the brain. Prolonged focus takes effort. So the right food to the brain sustains energy and prevents brain fog. Giving the brain the VIP nutrient treatment helps. A great supplement to start with is zinc.

Zinc is the all-nighter companion

Zinc is a trace element found in the body. The body needs only a little but the mineral does a lot. More importantly, the brain needs zinc to manage dopamine. Although dopamine has detractors, the chemical is important for memory and focus. Studies show a zinc supplement improves focus and reduces impulsivity in kids with ADHD. So pulling an all-nighter for an upcoming test? Adding a zinc supplement may help improve focus and endurance.

Rhodiola for mental longevity

The Rhodiola Rosea root comes from the Arctic region. The adaptogenic properties make the root popular for improving endurance. But can Rhodiola also help with focus? Studies on improving mental strength continue to be promising. Rhodiola reduces stress, anxiety and improves mental capacity and focus. A combination of improved focus and endurance means mental clarity for longer!

Zen-like focus with B vitamins

The eight B vitamins are a powerhouse of the body. Add improving brain function and focus on the list. Three B vitamins particularly contribute to focus. A B-3 or niacin supplement supports healthy brain function and focus. B-3 also converts food into glucose, which is the brain’s main source of energy. Along with cell and nerve function, B-6 helps produce the dopamine and serotonin. A simple B-12 deficiency creates a reduced cognitive function, focus and memory loss. A B-complex supplement provides the focus benefits in a single dose.

Grind it out with ginko

The leaves of the ginko tree are an ancient remedy for many ailments. However, the herb is more synonymous with improving memory. Because ginkgo is rich in antioxidants, the supplement treats mental clarity, retention, dementia and even Alzheimer’s. gingko helps keep the brain on track, and also contributes to overall mental health and well-being.

Keep the mind on track today

Supplements like zinc create significant improvements in focus and mental clarity. Extensive research supports the use of the mentioned supplements. Even supplements like choline, omega-3s, and panax ginseng impacts focus in different ways. If staying focused or achieving mental clarity is a constant issue, consult a pharmacist for the ideal supplement to help.


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