Choosing Local Pharmacies Over Big Chains

Most people don’t put much thought into getting a prescription filled. However, for some individuals, building a relationship with a local pharmacy can be more than simply making friends and enjoying small talk while waiting. Sometimes, major retail chains don’t provide the same services that smaller retailers can offer. Additionally, better pricing and support for less common prescriptions can be hard to come by. For individuals with health needs requiring frequent pharmacy visits, opting for a local provider over a nationwide chain can sometimes be a smarter option.


Compounding medications

Not all pharmacies provide compounding services, but some independent providers do. A compounding pharmacy can create customized prescriptions. A patient might need such a service when taking difficult medications. For example, an individual who struggles to swallow large pills may find that a compounding pharmacist can make life easier by creating a smaller pill or switching the formula to a liquid suspension. Similarly, a person who must take multiple medications every day could request that the prescriptions be combined into a single dose. If there are no known adverse interactions, a compounding pharmacist can meet this need.

More accessible healthcare

Historically, medical care could only be accessed by visiting a primary care provider (PCP) in-office. However, for people who live in medical deserts or don’t have a PCP, taking time to schedule and go to a traditional doctor’s appointment is frustrating. These days, many pharmacies have staff on-site that can provide general healthcare support. From necessary vaccines to simple prescriptions and wellness checkups, a local pharmacy can increase access to care, thereby improving health outcomes in underserved communities. Additionally, many pharmacies participate in community outreach initiatives to ensure that people are aware of the health services available through no or low-cost solutions.

Increasing informed care

Many people take prescriptions without fully understanding how the medications can impact the body, such as interactions with other drugs, foods, or drinks, and known side effects. Pharmacists serve as front-line workers who can educate consumers. From providing best practice tips for taking medications to advising consumers on what to avoid when taking certain prescriptions, a pharmacy can provide life-saving education to the community.

Keeping costs affordable

Another way local pharmacies can be beneficial is by assisting community members with obtaining no or low-cost medications. While consumers often assume that a big box retailer’s pharmacy counter is cheaper by default, the opposite can sometimes be true. Often, failing to shop around can mean a person can spend significantly more for a prescription since drug prices aren’t fixed by the manufacturer. A local pharmacy can often adjust pricing on a sliding scale for a person’s economic needs, recommend a generic alternative if possible, or help consumers sign up for a patient assistance program to help subsidize costs.

Building a healthier community

Local pharmacies meet the community’s needs by providing additional assistance that can’t always be found at a retail chain. From customizing medications to providing accessible healthcare in medical deserts, a local pharmacist is a critical fixture for many communities. For individuals needing help with prescriptions, access to vaccines, or assistance with medication, consider shopping around for an independent pharmacy.


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