The Benefits Of Locally-Owned Pharmacies

Filling prescriptions is the easiest part of the healthcare process. Pharmacies are in abundant supply and national chains located at intersections, in groceries and malls. Yet, despite the thousands of national chains available, there is value in visiting a local pharmacy instead. Patients dealing with chronic diseases will find these 3 benefits to using a community pharmacy.

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1. Local pharmacies mean better rapport

Small pharmacies are within neighborhoods where residents well know the pharmacist. These pharmacies are part of the community and behave as such. As a result, patients tend to form stronger bonds with local pharmacists. The pharmacist can take extra time to offer more advice, listen to concerns, and encourage medication adherence. That added rapport can make disease or pain management a bit easier.

2. Better service from a small establishment

Local pharmacies are highly customer-focused. Remember, there is also a community relationship so that pharmacists will go the extra mile in several ways. A typical example is providing value-added services like health checks, medication reviews, and vaccinations. Another example is the pharmacist will know the patient’s medical history and even the patient’s doctor. This simple step leads to more accurate prescriptions and collaboration between pharmacist and doctor for the patient’s good.

3. Smaller pharmacies can customize medication

Big-box pharmacies often provide mass-produced medicines, with a focus on convenience. These drugs may work for most, but some patients need personalized services. For instance, a pharmaceutical company may no longer produce a medication. In other cases, the generic drug on the market may have ingredients that cause side effects. Small pharmacies can help where national chains cannot. Using the power of compounding, these pharmacies can make discontinued drugs for customers. Patients can get prescriptions in different forms or without harmful ingredients. Moving all medications to a smaller compound pharmacy can lead to a healthier patient.

Less, but better

Most massive chains cannot duplicate the personal touch of small pharmacies. In locally-owned pharmacies, patients and pharmacists work together, which can significantly improve healthcare. The patient will be more likely to adhere to drugs thanks to the relationship with the healthcare provider. Best of all, some pharmacies can customize or combine medicines for the specific needs of the patient. Visit a local pharmacy to experience these fantastic benefits.


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