Getting A Handle On Sugar Cravings

While the idea might sound funny, sugar addiction is a real problem. In truth, experts have likened cravings for the sweet stuff to being on par with drug addictions like cocaine. Similar to drugs, sugar triggers opiate receptors that impact the reward center of a person’s brain. Consuming the confection can release opioids and dopamine, 2 chemicals linked with addiction. Excessive sugar consumption can lead to dangerous chronic diseases like obesity and diabetes. For people trying to curb sweets, the following supplements may help.

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1. Reach for protein to satiate

Sugar may be tasty and satisfying, but the treat usually doesn’t keep a person full. Relying on super sweet foods to fulfill hunger cravings encourages excessive eating of empty calories and, of course, the inevitable energy crash. Avoid that fate by reaching for protein-rich foods such as nuts, hummus, edamame, yogurt, and cheese. Protein supplements are also an option to help people feel full for longer.

2. Swap sugar for fiber

Similar to protein, fiber is another great way to avoid overindulging in empty calories. A recent study found that replacing refined carbs with an avocado suppressed hunger, improved feelings of fullness, and better regulated blood sugar. According to research, avocados are rich in fiber. Choosing fiber over sugar can also lower an obese or overweight person’s risk of developing type 2 diabetes or cardiovascular diseases.

3. Vitamin B1 to counter cravings

A surprising piece of news for many people is that vitamin deficiencies might predispose a person to struggle with sugar cravings. In particular, people with vitamin B1 deficiencies struggle with both sugar and carbohydrate cravings. To counter this issue, consider upping this nutrient. Balancing out this deficiency by consuming healthy grains and legumes is a good idea. Opting for a supplement can also help. While many B1 supplements are water-soluble, benfotiamine is a fat-soluble alternative that can also reduce the urge for sweet treats.

4. Fish oil to manage insulin

Research has long proven that overindulging in sugary treats is directly linked with the development of diabetes. Fish oil is a popular supplement that’s rich in omega-3 fatty acids. While research is still in the early stages, current studies suggest that a fish oil supplement can aid in regulating and improving insulin sensitivity. As a result, lower sugar cravings are a possible side effect.

Supplementing for better health

Completely cutting sugar from a daily diet can be challenging since the substance is found in a wide range of foods. However, mindful eating and shifting food choices towards healthier options can go a long way toward improving dietary behaviors and overall health. Preliminary studies have shown that certain supplements can also aid in preventing cravings.


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