Personalized Medicine

Compound pharmacies provide patients with a variety of distinctive medications that aren’t commercially available. A licensed pharmacist will prepare a drug for a human or animal based on the patient’s unique medical needs. From flavor to dose to formula, compound pharmacists can craft a more effective drug for rare cases.

ReNue Rx he Role And Benefits Of Compound Pharmacies In Healthcare

What role do compound pharmacies play in healthcare?

Compound pharmacies provide numerous benefits to patients. The primary purpose is to create custom formulations of FDA-approved medications. A specialty medication may be just the drug needed when other medications won’t work or aren’t available. Today, compound pharmacies have helped a wide range of patients access specialized drugs.


Patients can be allergic to dyes, lactose, gluten, sugar, or alcohol, which can be present in commercially available medications. Some drug allergies can even be life-threatening. Compounding pharmacies can remove potentially dangerous ingredients without hindering the drug’s effectiveness.


Some patients may have a hard time swallowing multiple capsules throughout the day. Patients can access alternative medication forms to make ingestion easier. For example, a capsule drug can be made into a liquid or a topical medication. These pharmacists can even make a drug more palatable, which can be helpful for pediatric or pet medicines.


Many widely available medications come in a pre-determined dosage. Some patients, however, may need a higher or lower dose of the drug. Compound pharmacies can personalize a prescription for a patient based on potency and dosage.

Discontinued medications

Pharmaceutical companies may choose to discontinue medication due to the limited market size. Compound pharmacies can recreate discontinued medications for patients in need. Instead of going without prescription, patients can turn to these specialists to prepare high-quality ingredients in a sterile environment.

Finding the right pharmacy

Compound pharmacies provide custom treatment options for patients who require specialized medicine. To provide safe and effective treatment, pharmacies are regulated by state boards of pharmacy. Finding the right compounding pharmacy can be the key to a breakthrough in treatment. Talk to a pharmacist to learn more about compounding.


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