Personalized Prescriptions Are In Demand

Millions of Americans rely on prescription medication to treat chronic disease, manage pain, or for general health and wellness. For prescription drugs to be useful, the user must take the medicine at the required dose and at the recommended time. Beyond following prescribed guidelines, individual requirements and needs can vary significantly. Local pharmacies are game changers in creating personalized patient prescriptions, going above and beyond to ensure medications are tailored to the individual.


The pillar of personalization

Most prescriptions are available at pharmacies in a standard dosage and form, which provides a huge advantage in meeting the demands for medication, logistics, and affordability. However, each case is different, as there are factors such as age, genetics, and medical history to consider. Personalized medication may increase the chances of success and medication adherence. Local pharmacies operate in smaller communities, are often locally run, and serve as leaders in personalized medicine. Pharmacists focus on growing a healthy patient-pharmacist relationship through personalization strategies.

Compounding with your local pharmacy

Creating a specific medication for a patient is possible through compounding. A local compound pharmacy can combine raw ingredients to create a remedy to suit the individual’s needs. In some cases, compounding involves combining multiple existing drugs into a single form. This personalization has several benefits to the user and can even surpass the effectiveness of standard prescriptions. Conditions that benefit from compounding include dermatology, hormone replacement therapy (HRT), and pain management.

Addressing allergies and sensitivities

Most standard drugs contain multiple ingredients that help with stability, shelf-life, taste, and the release of the active medicine. Yet, these additives become a hurdle for people with allergies or sensitivities. Taking the drug creates more discomfort or allergic reactions. As a result, patients avoid taking the prescribed medication. With compounding, the local pharmacist can remove the possible irritant, increasing patient adherence. Furthermore, compounding can create lower dosage, extended-release (ER), or delayed-release options to make medication more accessible to the patient.

For the young and old

Some standard prescriptions do not cater to specific groups, such as younger or older patients. Compounding can create a particular dose to meet these individual needs. For instance, younger patients may struggle to swallow pills and need the same medication in a liquid, lozenge, or topical form. Older hospice or palliative care patients may need treatment through feeding tubes or other easy-to-use forms. Compounding ensures the patient gets the correct dosage while minimizing the effort required to take the medication.

Reviewing your prescriptions

Compounding pharmacies help tailor the treatment to the individual patient, increasing adherence. Through a medication review process, the local pharmacy can assess all the medications and supplements a patient uses daily. From there, the pharmacist can recommend changes, adjust the medication form, or collaborate with the medical team to improve treatment. A yearly medication review helps personalize prescriptions while increasing the chances of sticking to the provided regimen.

Cost-effective personalization

A common concern with compounding is the cost of personalized medicine. Off-the-shelf prescription drugs are cheaper than customized, compounded alternatives. However, the long-term benefits far outweigh the cost concerns for most people. Drug customization reduces side effects, improves effectiveness, and increases efficiency. With compound medicine, patients achieve better outcomes over time. The local pharmacist can also often work with the patient to find cost-saving strategies such as acquiring prior authorization to compound, using formulary medications, or accessing special programs in the patient’s state.

Trust your local pharmacy

Consistently taking prescription drugs can be challenging. Standard medicines can also create obstacles for patients, decreasing medication adherence. Local pharmacists can tailor medicine to meet the needs of individual patients. Customization makes prescription medication more personal, and patients are more engaged. Additionally, local pharmacists are available to consult, advise, and create strategies to improve the chances of success further. While off-the-shelf prescription medicine is effective, a personalized approach takes treatment to the next level.


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