Fill Prescriptions Locally

With so many options to choose from, patients often don’t know where to turn to when filling a prescription. Local pharmacies offer many benefits to customers, including convenience, personalized care, better prices, and sufficient patient education. The next time a medication needs to be filled, consider choosing a local pharmacy for the best experience.


A convenient option

Although a patient can fill a prescription for various reasons, often, the individual isn’t feeling well and needs to start medication as soon as possible. Whether treating an emergent issue like a urinary tract infection (UTI) or picking up medication, convenience matters. A local pharmacy is often located near the doctor’s office and has all the necessary medications a patient may need in stock. Sometimes, a local delivery can be arranged if the patient cannot get to the pharmacy.

Personalized experience

When visiting a chain pharmacy, most patients are treated as just another customer in line. At a local pharmacy, the staff gets to know the patient more personally. For people who need to fill recurring prescriptions, being greeted by name at the pharmacy can feel welcoming.

Empowered with education

Local pharmacists also have the time needed to counsel patients on how to take medications. With more time to devote to each customer, the pharmacist can spend time performing a medication review and explaining how best to take the medication. In some cases, the pharmacist may recommend compounding as a solution. With compounding, the pharmacist can create the necessary medication in a precise dose for the patient. If needed, a different form, such as a liquid or topical, can be made, and the pharmacist can even add flavor to increase medication adherence.

Better prescription prices

Medication can be expensive, especially if a person must continually refill a prescription for a chronic condition. Local pharmacies can offer the best prices, ensuring patients aren’t overpaying for necessary drugs. Many local pharmacies have a lower profit margin, which means better prices can be offered in some situations. Other times, the local pharmacy can work with a patient to set up a payment plan if a prescription is too expensive to pay off all at once. In some cases, the pharmacist may be able to apply a coupon from the drug manufacturer to make the total cost lower.

Stay local for the most benefits

When filling a prescription, stay local for the best patient experience. Local pharmacists are knowledgeable individuals who can take the time needed to help patients understand the ins and outs of filling the prescription. Many independent pharmacies are conveniently located and can offer better overall costs. When medication is needed, consider the convenience of a local pharmacy as a partner in health.


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