Articles regarding ReNue Pharmacy’s nutraceutical services that answer the most asked questions about supplements, vitamins, and diets.

ReThyroid: General and Hypothyroidism Support

Hypothyroidism is marked by inadequate levels of thyroid hormones, T3 and T4. While symptoms do not typically develop immediately and can vary from patient to patient, many people experience decreased energy and slowed metabolism. ReThyroid combines iodine, l-tyrosine, ashwagandha, and bladderwrack to provide general thryroid support.

March 17, 2018|Nutraceuticals, ReNue Rx Products|

ReOmega: Omega-3 Fatty Acid Benefits

ReOmega (Orthomega 820) Patient Types: General health and wellness, cardiovascular issues, pre-diabetes/diabetes, inflammation, mood support, cognitive support, prenatal/maternity, eye support Potency per soft gel: 820 mg of EPA/DHA while most others are 300 or less Type of oil: triglyceride form is bioidentical compared to synthetic, cheaper ethyl ester Natural lemon-lime flavor for pleasant after-taste in case of burp Fresh – can bite our soft gel and drink the oil straight Pure – stricter purity testing requirements than what is required by the FDA [...]

January 27, 2018|Nutraceuticals, ReNue Rx Products|

ReB Complete: B Vitamin Blend

Vitamins are essential elements the body needs to develop and function effectively. Unfortunately, many Americans do not get the recommended daily dose of vitamins through diet alone and often require supplementation. ReB Complete is an easy to take a comprehensive blend of all B vitamins.

December 30, 2017|Nutraceuticals, ReNue Rx Products|

ReShine: Hair, Skin and Nail Health

ReShine (Cosmedix) Patient Types: hair, skin, and nail nutritional support Betaine HCl supports protein breakdown for more efficient production of collagen MSM is a source of bioavailable sulfur for collagen regeneration in hair and skin Saw palmetto supports dihydrotestosterone (DHT) levels for healthy, thicker hair

December 21, 2017|Nutraceuticals, ReNue Rx Products|

ReBHRT: Hormone Replacement Therapy

ReBHRT (EstroDIM) Patient Types: Those on hormone replacement therapy, estrogen metabolism support I3C is the DIM precursor and both temper estrogen by decreasing estrogen receptor activity I3C and DIM promote 2-hydroxyestrone metabolism instead of 4 or 16, which overstimulate cells and cause free radical damage

December 19, 2017|Nutraceuticals, ReNue Rx Products|

ReSugar: Blood Sugar Support

ReSugar (Diaxinol) Patient Types: Those with insulin resistance, diabetics, blood sugar support Alpha Lipoic Acid triggers AMPK activation (See: Viva IR Support) for insulin sensitivity Chromium and Vandayl Sulfate support Glucose Tolerance Factor (GTF), which transports sugar into cells Biotin increases insulin-secreting beta cells and glucose metabolism in the pancreas, while activating glucokinase, which increases glucose utilization Cinnulin is a patented cinnamon bark extract that is a 20:1 concentration, which means the 150 mg dose effectively provides 3 g. It is standardized to contain polyphenol type A polymers, the [...]

December 14, 2017|Nutraceuticals, ReNue Rx Products|

ReEPO: Promote Blood Circulation

ReEPO (Evening Primrose Oil) Patient Types: Promotes blood circulation, inflammation control, joint mobility, and healthy skin Sterols in EPO reduce nitric oxide production and other pro-inflammatory processes EPO reduces intensity of joint discomfort, reduces morning stiffness, and better joint movement EPO has been shown to improve skin dryness, scaling, and itchiness

December 5, 2017|Nutraceuticals, ReNue Rx Products|
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