One Too Many Pills

Many chronic conditions require multiple medications for proper management, especially diabetes and heart disease. Including supplements, statistics show that half of Americans take at least 2 prescription drugs. In addition, various medications may be necessary to treat one condition or multiple conditions, especially with age. Whatever the reason, taking several drugs can also make a daily routine more challenging. If remembering to take medication is a challenge, compounding can help.

ReNue Rx Multiple Medications How Compounding Can Make Your Daily Routine Easier

The risk of multiple medications

Multiple medications may be necessary, but there are some drawbacks. Remembering to take different drugs at different times of the day is a challenge. Forgetting to take the recommended dosage can lead to long-term health issues or ineffective treatments. Besides missing dosages, there’s the chance of unwanted drug interactions, side effects, or unnecessary medication.

The power of compounding

What if there was a way to consolidate medication? Imagine taking just 1 or 2 pills instead of several daily prescriptions. With compounding, a pharmacist can make this happen with fantastic benefits for patients. Compounding is the ability to combine multiple drugs into one dosage of choice. Each medication becomes an ingredient, and the compound pharmacist can make a single pill.

Compounding makes a healthier patient

By compounding multiple supplements or prescriptions, patients now have to take just one pill instead of multiple. Combining helps patients stick to the daily routine of taking medication, and the willingness to do so increases. Consistency also means the patients can get the full benefits of taking the drug. In the long run, that means healthier, happier patients.

Removing pesky side effects

Sticking to the daily routine of multiple medications could be derailed due to side effects. Some patients may have undesirable side effects and refuse to take pills on certain days. If the pharmacist is aware of the issue, compounding could remove the particular ingredient from the formula. Or, in some cases, the pharmacist can replace the element due to allergies. A drug that’s both safe and convenient will improve the patient’s willingness to stick to the therapy.

A different form for your busy day

Another skill of a compound pharmacist is the ability to change the drug from one form to another. For instance, if a patient has trouble swallowing pills, compounding can turn that pill into a liquid form. In addition, pharmacists can turn some drugs into topical or other useful forms. A format that’s convenient and easy to take will seamlessly integrate into a patient’s routine.

Bring it all together

For prescription medication and supplements to work, consistency is critical. However, taking multiple drugs can be inconvenient at best. In some cases, polypharmacy can be dangerous or ineffective. Compounding ensures the patient receives the essential ingredients in a single dose. This simple change can significantly improve consistency and effectiveness. Patients who take multiple medications should first have a medication review with a doctor. Then, based on what’s necessary, consider compounding those drugs for the best possible outcome.


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