Your Secret Weapon In Chronic Disease Management.

Long gone are the days in which chronic diseases were a rare occurrence. Chronic diseases are now deeply embedded in society. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 6 in 10 Americans have a chronic illness. These run the gamut of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, stroke, kidney, and lung disease. Avoiding chronic disease means a lifestyle change. Chronic disease management, on the other hand, requires the help of different medical practitioners. Pharmacists, surprising to some, are the secret weapon when dealing with these conditions long-term.

reunite rx Your Healthcare Team The Pharmacists Role In Chronic Disease Management

More than fulfilling subscriptions

A pharmacist does more than fulfill subscriptions. Pharmacists are subject matter experts in medication and how these drugs interact with the body. While not a medical doctor, pharmacists hold a doctorate in pharmacy. These specialists can identify allergies and symptoms and determine if medication is the right choice. If managed poorly, chronic diseases are deadly. Pharmacists work with medical doctors to make sure the condition does not affect daily life. There are a few other vital roles pharmacists play in disease management.

Your pharmacist is readily accessible

Most patients go to a neighborhood pharmacist or a pharmacist that’s served the family for years. Unlike doctors, pharmacists are readily available through a drop-in visit or call. The pharmacist can answer quick questions on any strange or new symptoms. Especially in case of emergency, one call or visit to a local pharmacist can be life-saving. That person can apply initial aid or expedite a visit to the hospital.

Pharmacists work closely with your doctor

In terms of chronic disease, the pharmacist can establish a long-term relationship with the doctor. Pharmacists and doctors must collaborate for the successful management of a chronic disease. Doctors will need to know the consistency of medication, patient response, and any challenges. The exchange of information can prove vital for the long-term health of the patient. This keeps medical data up to date so that the patient gets the best care possible.

Pharmacists know which drugs work and which don’t

Pharmacists have the distinct advantage of knowing the efficacy of medications. The deep expertise helps identify challenges medications will pose with each patient. The pharmacist can advocate on behalf of the patient to change medication to serve disease management better. Furthermore, some pharmacists can use compounding to make things easier. Some patients are allergic to particular ingredients in prescriptions or are unable to take pills. Compounding allows the pharmacist to create a formula without harmful components and in a suitable form.

Keeping patients on the right path

Through counseling and follow-up, the pharmacist takes an active role in chronic disease management. Each pharmacist can make sure patients take prescriptions correctly, consistently, and avoid misuse. Some patients may also feel more comfortable speaking with a pharmacist. These could be potentially life-saving conversations.

Trust your pharmacist

Healthcare continues to evolve, with pharmacists becoming more involved in total healthcare. Pharmacists, in particular, help with the day-to-day challenges of disease management. By helping patients take the right medication and providing basic support, pharmacist help patients feel more confident. Speak with a pharmacist about dealing with particular chronic diseases.


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