Hot, Then Cold, Then Hot Again

Stressful days, bad bosses, financial stress, and current events can change anyone’s mood. However, moving from extremely happy to extremely sad and back again during the day is concerning. The issue could be mood swings. Mood swings are sudden emotional changes within a short timeframe. Some mood swings are unexplained and could be frustrating, affecting relationships, jobs, and daily functions. But there are several causes to explore.

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Possible mental health conditions

Things happen in life that warrant mood swings. But frequent, intense changes need further assessment. Persons with mood swings may have an underlying condition. Bipolar disorder and major depressive disorder are common mental illnesses that affect millions of Americans. Others include borderline personality disorder, ADHD, and DMDD in children. These serious conditions affect mood, and triggers can create unexpected mood swings.

Seemingly unrelated injury or illness

Some chronic diseases and conditions can affect the body on a neurological level. These include thyroid disorders, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and heart disease. Severe neurological disorders like Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, and Alzheimer’s are known to create mood swings. Speak with a doctor about changes in behavior that are affecting the quality of life.

Hormonal changes

Changes in hormone levels are a common cause of mood changes, especially in women. A hormone imbalance may happen during menopause or menstruation. Pregnancy also brings changes in hormones, which can affect the brain’s chemistry. Some men may also have mood swings from too much or too little testosterone. Some are natural and circumstantial. Pay close attention to extreme changes and speak with a doctor.

Are you hangry?

Didn’t have lunch or dinner on time? The issue could be related to diet. Low blood sugar from lack of food may affect mood. Furthermore, some persons may lack critical vitamins and minerals, which can affect brain function.

Medications and other drugs

Prescription medication and supplements may have unwanted side effects, like mood swings. Check the ingredients of any medicine and confirm any links with mood changes. Recreational drugs and alcohol can have dangerous effects on the brain and mood.

Therapy and medication

There are a few treatment options for mood swings. First, speak with a doctor to find out the source of the issue. From there, the right treatment can help and not exacerbate the situation. For starters, therapy can help manage emotions, make key connections, and address triggers. In some cases, medication will be needed for conditions like anxiety, depression, and ADHD. Take medicine as prescribed and follow up with the doctor for any side effects.

Don’t sleep on vitamins

Mood swings may benefit from vitamins as well. For instance, B12 and B6 vitamins play a vital role in brain health and making critical connections. A daily B-complex makes sure all the essential B vitamins are taken daily. Other helpful supplements include calcium, omega-3, magnesium, and iron. Studies show that vitamin D-deficient persons are more likely to have mood disorders.

Make some key lifestyle changes

Don’t just stop at vitamins. Some fundamental lifestyle changes may also help. Try to get at least 7 hours of sleep. Maintain a proper diet at the right intervals to manage blood sugar and nutrients. Reducing smoking and recreational drugs may also help. More importantly, make sure to manage relationships to build strong social bonds. These can help reduce stress, anxiety, and the chances of mood swings.

Take mood swings seriously

Mood swings can sometimes be situational. However, if changes in behavior or emotions are frequent and intense, dig deeper. A proper mental and physical assessment is vital to determine the right treatment. Surprisingly, vitamins can help with mood and overall health. For more information about supplement options, speak with a pharmacist.


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