Can You Have Too Much Of A Good Thing?

Is taking too many vitamins a myth? People take supplements because the possibility of vitamin deficiency does occur. When looking at products and capsules today, sometimes the ingredients are surprising. From fortified milk to enriched cereals to ingesting a slew of supplements, can a person take too many?

ReNue Rx Too Many Vitamins Can You Take Too Much Of A Supplement

Check the dosage

Vitamins and minerals are imperative to thorough health, but a person can take too much. Just as someone can overeat sugar or drink excessive amounts of water, a person can have too many supplements as well. Taking too many vitamins, minerals, and supplements can be hazardous to health. For example, high doses of vitamin B might cause hip fractures, according to a study. People should always check the dosage on every supplement taken.

Reading supplement labels

A person taking a few supplements might be surprised to find out that two of the capsules contain the same ingredient, therefore taking much more than the recommended daily amount. Read the bottle and any instructions before taking any type of medical or vitamin. People may choose one particular multivitamin, rather than dabble with handfuls of supplements. When in doubt, always consult a doctor to determine the best course of action.

Ineffective supplements

Where are the supplements from? Are the vitamins diet pills, herbs, or synthetic? Taking supplements can have a placebo effect where a person feels as though the product works when the health benefits are slim to none. Factor in the cost of the supplements and the vitamins become an expensive quest. The sheer amount of supplements taken, paired with the ineffectiveness, can lead to issues. Buy supplements from trusted sources.

Fortified foods

Fortified foods come in the form of cereals, milk, protein bars, bread, and fruit juices. Orange juice might contain calcium or vitamin D. Even granola might have a dash of probiotics or added vitamins. Fortified foods offer additional nutritional benefits and micronutrients to fill nutritional gaps. The question boils down to whether a person eats only the fortified foods or if the foods are part of a more extensive, more enriched diet.
Yes, fortified foods can be beneficial, and yes, people can eat too much-enriched food. Enjoy a convenient protein shake while on-the-go. Savor that favorite childhood cereal. Eat other foods too. Take in various vitamins and minerals in a range of ways, not solely fortified packed goods. Otherwise, the occurrence of ingesting too many supplements by means of fortified foods remains low.


Supplements are a wonderful tool and can be part of a healthy lifestyle. At the minimum, ask a doctor or pharmacist, check the dosage as well as the source of the vitamins. Don’t ingest too many at a time. Taking fortified foods and supplements in moderation can be beneficial for many people. For more information about supplements, schedule a medication review with a pharmacist.


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