Why Is Smoking Cessation Important?

Smoking tobacco products leads to a host of illnesses and diseases such as lung cancer, emphysema, and heart disease. Cigarettes are filled with harmful chemicals that leave lasting effects on the body. A lot of these chemicals are also found in nail polish remover, hair dye, and rubber cement. Over time, cigarette smoking negatively impacts a person’s heart rate, carbon monoxide levels, lung function, and blood circulation. Therefore, smoking cessation will improve a person’s overall health.

ReNue Rx Smoking Cessation And Your Health 5 Tips To Stop Smoking

Tips to stop smoking

Although smoking cessation is important, smoking is addictive and can be very difficult to quit cold turkey. People who quit smoking can notice positive effects in as little as 12 hours. Smokers should be patient and create a plan to stop smoking slowly. Here are some tips to help with smoking cessation.

1. Try nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) or another medication

Nicotine replacement therapy is a treatment system that releases nicotine in small doses to aid people going through withdrawal symptoms from smoking cessation. The most common types of NRTs are patches, gum, lozenges, and inhalers. Specific medicines help to alleviate withdrawal symptoms and limit the urge to smoke.

2. Consider behavioral therapy

A counselor may be able to help patients struggling with smoking cessation identify triggers that lead the person to smoke. The counselor can also help the person learn how to address the triggers without turning to tobacco.

3. Start exercising

Exercising is a great way to channel the energy typically used to smoke into something productive. Starting an exercise regimen will help improve the mind, body, and soul while enhancing a former smoker’s health. Something as simple as walking for 30 minutes a day is a good start. Eventually, this can develop into other activities that will give the former smoker something to look forward to each day instead of smoking.

4. Try meditation

Meditation is a great way to combat the stress and anxiety associated with smoking cessation. Furthermore, all a person needs to meditate is a quiet space and to set aside a few minutes out of the day. Visualization is an essential component of meditation. Try imagining a life without cigarettes while meditating to encourage smoking cessation.

5. Join a support group

Sometimes all a person needs is some motivation to kick the habit. A mental health counselor can suggest some smoking cessation support groups. Developing friendships with people dealing with the same issues can be very helpful.

Should I see a doctor?

Before going through with any significant lifestyle change, consult a physician. A healthcare provider can provide valuable advice and monitor the person’s health as the person embarks on a no-smoking journey.


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