Fighting The Sleep Problem

A detailed census found over 35% of Americans get less than the required 7 hours of sleep. In some states, the figure is close to 60%. With social lives, work and screen time, sleep has turned into more of a nuisance than a necessity. However, people are looking to catch more Zs but can’t. To correct that sleep issues acetyl-l-carnitine could be a possible solution.

ReUnite Rx If Youre Not Getting Enough Sleep Acetyl L Carnitine May Help

Enter Acetyl-L-Carnitine

The body requires several essential amino acids for optimal performance. L-carnitine is one such molecule. The amino acid goes straight to the mitochondria in the cells helping with energy production. The body produces some amounts of acetyl-l-carnitine and other souces can be found in red meat and dairy. L-carnitine converts to acetyl-l-carnitine and vice versa. But athletes use acetyl-l-carnitine as a handy supplement to improve focus, mental energy, and even sleep.

The brain, inflammation and you

Inflammation intimately affects sleep quality, especially in older adults. The process is the ability to heal the body, which is a daily process. Short sleep increases inflammation even more, which affects brain health. The cycle of poor sleep and high inflammation can be broken with the right nutrients. Increasing acetyl-l-carnitine may decrease inflammation. This brings the benefits straight to the brain and potentially improves the quality and length of sleep.

You lose more than Zs

How can a supplement like acetyl-l-carnitine help with better sleep? Having the proper amount of sleep is optimal for good energy and increased metabolism throughout the day. An active day will produce more restful sleep overnight. Doctors and scientists believe poor sleep is the cause of many health issues. Studies connect weight gain, memory loss, low energy, and a host of diseases. If rest is the body’s way of recharging, then the supplement can provide a much-needed boost to the batteries.

Try a better night’s rest with acetyl-l-carnitine

While using a supplement naturally produced in the body sounds safe, still check with a doctor. Persons taking any supplement or nootropic to impact sleep must be careful. Acetyl-l-carnitine helps with healthy brain function, energy, and immune health. Each is essential for helping to sleep more extended hours and wake up rested. Try a supplement that provides a strong concentration of acetyl-l-carnitine to hit the sack better.


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