Losing Weight With A Little Help

Weight loss continues to be one of the biggest goals of Americans today. The health and wellness effects of shedding the pounds can’t be understated. With almost 40% of the population considered overweight, weight loss is necessary for the country’s longevity. Typically, losing weight consists of diet and exercise. But what if there was a compound to focus on fat loss and muscle growth? CLA is a supplement that can help get the job done.

ReNue Rx How CLA Can Promote Weight Loss

Fighting fat with fat

Are all fats inherently bad? Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) proves differently. CLA is an omega-6 fatty acid. The body does not produce these fats, so humans must get them from food. Foods like oils, nuts, and animal products like beef and butter contain this healthy fat. When consumed in the right amounts, CLA promotes healthy bones, muscles, and yes, even weight loss.

Too much of a good thing?

Fats get a bad name. Consuming fats in large amounts can cause weight gain, heart disease, diabetes, and inflammation. Most sugary and processed foods have large amounts of omega-3s and omega-6s. Overconsuming these fats are the source of many lifestyle diseases. However, high-quality supplements can provide the benefits of controlled doses of CLA.

How a CLA supplement works

While there are several types of CLA, specific forms of CLA, namely trans-10,cis-12, can zero in on fat loss. CLA is a fat blocker that helps the fat cells that are currently in the body from becoming larger. Initial research showed rapid fat loss when tested with mice. Then, when tested with humans, a significant change in body composition and fat loss occurred. Studies show the fatty acid can also help with muscle gain. Active persons supplementing with CLA saw improved endurance and weight loss.

Accelerating weight loss results

There are no miracle pills for shedding those unwanted pounds. Losing and keeping off the weight requires an equal mix of diet, exercise, and supplementation. Research on CLA shows the compound is an effective way of promoting weight loss. Speak with a healthcare specialist or pharmacist to find a CLA blend to accelerate weight loss results.


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