Only 1 In 10 Are Meeting This Goal

Depending on age and sex, the average adult should get 1 ½-2 cups per day of fruit and 2-3 cups per day of vegetables. However, research has found that only 1 in 10 adults are meeting this daily intake goal. Eating enough fruits and vegetables is critical to a person’s health. A healthful diet is one of the most significant controllable risk factors in preventing chronic diseases. Incorporating more natural foods into a daily diet can significantly reduce the risk for type 2 diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and even some cancers.

ReNue Rx Eat The Rainbow 3 Tips For Adding More Fruits Veggies To Your Diet

Why are fruits and veggies important?

Fruits and vegetables are full of nutrients, vitamins, and fiber. This food group helps people feel fuller on fewer calories. This also makes weight loss easier. Different fruits and vegetables contain different vitamins and nutrients, so should people should focus on eating the rainbow. Choose a variety of these foods and keep the plate colorful. Below are 3 tips for incorporating more fruits and veggies into a daily diet.

1. Change your snacking habits

Feeling that mid-day, post-lunch slump? Instead of reaching for a cup of coffee or a granola bar, opt to only snack on fruits or vegetables. Carrots, snap peas, cherry tomatoes, or cucumbers are great raw veggie options. Instead of dipping fresh veggies in pre-packaged dressing, try making a Greek yogurt-based dressing at home for lower fat and higher protein content. Stock up on bananas, apples, oranges, and other easy-to-store fruit for the office.

2. Drink your fruits and veggies

In many contexts, drinking calories isn’t the best idea. However, 100% fruit juices can help people achieve the recommended serving amounts of fruits and vegetables. Making smoothies at home can be a great way to get more fresh or frozen produce. Many people enjoy incorporating a variety of fruits into a daily smoothie and even add vegetables like spinach, kale, or some avocado for healthy fat.

3. Try a supplement

There will be some days when busy schedules, traveling, or other factors prevent people from getting the optimal amount of fresh produce. On these days, a high-quality supplement containing the recommended servings of fruits and veggies can play an important role. Supplements can also fill in the gap when people struggle to get a variety of fruits and vegetables, instead of eating the same foods every week.

Eat healthy to be healthy

Eating a healthy diet is about more than weight loss. Being mindful of food helps people be healthier and lowers risk for many preventable chronic diseases. Focus on eating the rainbow every day and speak with a pharmacist for more information about fruit and vegetable supplements.


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