Are Swollen Adenoids Ruining Your Day?

Swollen tonsils can feel like a rite of passage for young children. However, another set of tonsils, the adenoids, can become infected. Adenoids are located at the back of the throat and form a small part of the body’s lymphatic system. In some cases, the tonsils can become infected. Surgical removal is the go-to treatment for swollen adenoids, but some at-home remedies can help.

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What is adenoiditis?

Adenoids, like the palatine tonsils, help keep harmful bacteria out of the body. This job can be risky for the adenoids, opening the opportunity for infections. Adenoiditis is simply the inflammation of the adenoids from one or more virus or bacterial infections. Swollen adenoids can cause difficulty breathing, sore throat, dry mouth, and sleep apnea. Some younger children breathe through the mouth, especially at night. Over time, untreated adenoids can impact the quality of life.

Is it time to take them out?

Adenoids usually impact children since these lymph nodes shrink during the teenage years. However, some adults still have adenoids and can develop adenoiditis. Doctors often recommend an adenoidectomy, the surgical removal of the adenoids. Surgical removal is especially encouraged if there are constant ear and throat infections. Sometimes, adenoids are removed along with the palatine tonsils. While effective, some patients and doctors opt against adenoid removal. The belief is that surgery opens up the chances for more severe infections and viruses in the future. Luckily, there are some helpful options to reduce swelling and discomfort.

Use warm beverages

Soothing the inflamed throat can help reduce the pain and even kill some bacteria. Gargling warm salt water can help relieve the throat while minimizing the chances for bacteria to multiply. Warm teas can help adults, and juices for kids can soothe painful throats. Create different warm drinks with herbs with anti-bacterial properties like garlic, basil, turmeric, and ginger.

Try some trusty honey and lemon

A combination of honey and lemon is perfect for soothing and healing adenoids. Honey can be an effective anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory agent. The antioxidants in lemon also contain anti-inflammatory properties. A teaspoon of honey and lemon can help, especially at night. Increase the amount to a tablespoon for adults. Do not use honey for children under 2 years old unless advised by a doctor.

A good dose of antibiotics

Antibiotics are useful treatment options for swollen adenoids. A doctor will prescribe a medication regimen that can kill excess germs and bacteria. The doctor can suggest a specific antibiotic based on the type of germs. Taking antibiotics, lots of water, and healthy meals can treat bacteria while boosting the immune system.

Nasal sprays can help

Sometimes, a doctor can prescribe a nasal spray to help with swollen adenoids. The spray contains a corticosteroid that can reduce inflammation and pain. The steroid will depend on the age of the patient. For young children, nasal spray steroids should be used with close supervision.

Trust your home remedies

Treating swollen adenoids at home is possible. Simple medications like antibiotics and nasal sprays help. At the same time, warm beverages containing anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients can go a long way. Unfortunately, even these steps aren’t enough for some patients. Recurring adenoiditis can impact the quality of life and may need adenoidectomy. Speak with a doctor to discuss the pros and cons but don’t hesitate to try home remedies first.


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