Breathing Easy With Magnesium

Asthma affects nearly 26 million people in the US. Symptoms include coughing, difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, and wheezing. Genetic and environmental factors affect the severity of asthma. Triggers include allergens such as animal dander and pollen, as well as environmental irritants such as smoke and strong odors. A range of treatment options exists, including complementary plans featuring supplements for better lung function.

ReNue Rx Can Magnesium Help You Breathe Better Supplements For Asthma And Lung Function

Traditional asthma medication

Most asthma-related cases will be treated with different medicines for short-term and long-term control of symptoms. Long-term control medications can help with inflammation, allergen resistance, and relaxing the airway muscle lining. Inhalers are packed with short-acting beta-2 agonists to provide fast-acting relief. Magnesium sulfate has also been shown to improve severe asthma cases.

For emergency use only

Magnesium sulfate is a standard emergency treatment for asthma attacks that end up in the emergency room. Hospital staff will administer magnesium sulfate intravenously through an IV or nebulizer, albeit, IV has shown to have better results. Researchers believe magnesium sulfate works by relaxing the airways, reducing inflammation, and other mechanisms of action, but more research is needed.

Amino acid chelates

Generally, magnesium sulfate is not recommended as a primary treatment form for asthma. Magnesium sulfate via IV is reserved for life-threatening cases. Patients are advised to consult a doctor before taking any magnesium supplements to reduce asthma symptoms. If necessary, doctors may prescribe magnesium amino acid chelates, a more bioavailable form of magnesium for better absorption.

Risks of magnesium consumption

Patients should consult a doctor to assess the potential risks and side effects of taking magnesium supplements for asthma. A doctor can help patients balance magnesium and calcium dosages to avoid side effects. Overconsumption of magnesium can cause an irregular heartbeat, low blood pressure, slowed breathing, a coma, or even death. Patients should start with the lowest dose possible and gradually increase to increase the effectiveness of the medicine and decrease risks.

Long-term asthma management

Managing asthma symptoms is a lifelong affair. Without a cure, patients need to find safe and effective treatment options to decrease asthma attacks. Being prepared for an asthma attack is crucial to avoid a life-threatening situation. Magnesium supplements may be helpful, but a comprehensive emergency plan for acute attacks should be one of the main goals of an effective treatment plan. Speak with a healthcare provider to learn more about managing asthma.


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