How Can I Get More Serotonin?

The chemical 5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) can help the brain produce more serotonin. Most people know what serotonin does. The neurotransmitter is well-known for being a natural mood booster. What else can 5-HTP do? Here are 4 things to know before starting the supplement.

ReNue Rx 4 Things To Know Before Starting A 5 HTP Supplement

1. Your sleep may improve

A little-known fact about serotonin is that serotonin is the precursor to melatonin. In today’s age of technology, many people struggle with producing adequate melatonin naturally. The blue light from electronic devices suppresses melatonin, leading to a more difficult time getting to sleep. In one study, a simple 5-HTP supplement helped people to fall asleep more quickly, stay asleep throughout the night, and experience deeper sleep. And the benefits aren’t just for adults. Some research has shown that 5-HTP can help children sleep more peacefully, too.

2. You may be able to stop antidepressants

Many people who struggle with major depression want more options for managing depressive symptoms. 5-HTP may help. Research has shown that the supplement can boost mood and improve depression. In several studies, patients who took 5-HTP for up to a month saw an improvement in symptoms of fatigue, irritability, lack of concentration, insomnia, and pessimism. The research has even shown that, in some cases, 5-HTP can be just as effective as antidepressants.

3. Expect more balanced moods

Serotonin is so essential in the regulation of emotions that the chemical has been called a natural mood stabilizer. Although the tryptophan that stimulates serotonin can be found in some food sources, many people can have a hard time getting serotonin from diet alone. Lower serotonin has been linked to anxiety and depression. A 5-HTP supplement can provide that extra help in balancing out serotonin levels.

4. The supplement may lead to weight loss

Besides mood stabilization, 5-HTP may help people lose weight with no extra effort. The chemical works to help suppress appetite, leading to better weight control. In one study, women taking the supplement significantly reduced fat and carbohydrate intake, even though the study implemented no dietary restrictions on the women. In contrast to the women taking the placebo pill, those taking 5-HTP lost more weight.

Give your mind an extra boost

Healthy serotonin levels are vital to boosting mood, reducing anxiety, improving sleep, and living an overall higher quality life. A 5-HTP supplement may be just the extra boost a person needs. Speak with a pharmacist or healthcare provider to find out more about how 5-HTP can help.


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