A Powerful Fragrance And Much More

In aromatherapy, bergamot is a popular scent that brightens up any room. Bergamot is also used for flavoring, perfumes, and beauty products. But the supplement is more than a beautiful aroma. The oil and juice from this citrus fruit contain many health and wellness benefits.

ReNue Rx 3 Benefits Of Bergamot Speed Wound Healing Decrease Anxiety Improve Cholesterol

What’s bergamot?

The bergamot plant hails from southern Italy but also grows in parts of America. The fruit looks like a cross between an orange and lemon, usually green in color. Bergamot is very tart and often not eaten raw. Many extract the juice and cold-press oil from the rind. But bergamot is most famous for the flavor brought to Earl Grey tea. When used daily, bergamot extract helps in these 3 areas.

1.Superhero-level healing

People often used bergamot to treat skin conditions like psoriasis. This extract goes a step further, helping cuts and bruises heal. Bergamot contains antiseptic properties to help kill bacteria and prevent infections. The antioxidant properties repair cells, improving the speed and quality of healing. Other uses include clearing up signs of acne and minor pains. Rubbing the oil on wounds together with drinking tea gives an extra healing boost.

2. The calming scent of bergamot

Feeling a bit anxious? Let the smell of bergamot fill the room, or have a cup of infused tea. Anxiety affects 18% of the American population. While many essential oils bring a soothing effect, few are as powerful as bergamot. For instance, researchers set up oil diffusers in a hospital waiting room where anxiety is exceptionally high. The control group reported a greater sense of calm and higher energy while waiting. Try aromatherapy using bergamot to keep calm and carry on.

3. Keeping cholesterol in check

High cholesterol continues to affect over 90 million Americans yearly. Left untreated, high cholesterol leads to a host of diseases. Consuming bergamot extract may be able to manage a delicate balance of cholesterol. Bergamot is packed with polyphenols, a chemical found in many fruits and vegetables. These polyphenols remove free radicals, reduce inflammation, and prevent heart disease. Multiple clinical trials show using bergamot decreased bad cholesterol and improved good cholesterol.

Try some bergamot today

This versatile citrus fruit has several benefits to improve health and wellness. Adding the oil to a diffuser during the day improves mood and decreases stress. Consuming a little each day even manages cholesterol levels. Consult a pharmacist for a pure, organic bergamot extract today.


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