Custom Skincare Improves The Look And Feel Of Skin

Sensitive skin can be caused by different conditions and can usually be alleviated with a few easy changes to a person’s skincare routine. Patients with sensitive skin can have everything from dry skin to allergic contact dermatitis to more abnormal reactions to ingredients or environments. A custom skincare treatment is the best option for managing the symptoms of sensitive skin.

ReNue Rx Why Custom Skincare Treatments Are The Best Option For Sensitive Skin

Personalized formulations

Sensitive skin is a broad term that refers to a variety of conditions, each with different symptoms. A compounding pharmacy can formulate a unique medication to treat sensitive skin without including any ingredients that can irritate a patient. A pharmacist is also able to include the appropriate concentration of ingredients to maximize effectiveness and minimize unwanted side effects from the treatment.

Allergy-friendly medication

Conditions such as allergic contact dermatitis happen when the skin comes in contact with a specific substance such as ingredients found in cosmetics and hygiene products. Pharmacists can formulate a skincare treatment without any ingredients commonly found in the commercially available medication.

Alternative dosage forms

Treatment for sensitive skin can often include different dosage forms. Patients who are unable to take a specific dosage can seek custom skincare treatments formulated into a preferred form. Patients who have trouble swallowing can switch to a liquid or topical form. A variety of dosage forms can help patients adhere to the treatment plan.

Discontinued products

Products for sensitive skin can be here one day and gone tomorrow. A custom skincare treatment ensures that individuals have a consistent and personalized skincare program. Many pharmacists can also produce a customer’s discontinued makeup products to avoid any unwanted ingredients. Patients can now concoct a dearly missed sunscreen, moisturizer, or other product with the help of a compound pharmacy.

Finding the right skincare treatment

Sensitive skin is a delicate subject that requires a precise and comprehensive plan to tackle all symptoms, including redness, itchiness, dryness, swelling, and more. Instead of reacting to symptoms of sensitive skin, individuals can find custom solutions to prevent any breakouts, flare-ups, and reactions. Adopting a custom skincare treatment can reveal the true restorative and transformative potential of the body’s skin. For more information about compound dermatology treatments, speak with a pharmacist or healthcare provider.


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