Addressing Deficiencies With Multivitamins

About 50% of Americans take a vitamin, with 1 out of every 3 people opting to use a multivitamin. Designed to provide all the essential vitamins and nutrients required, multivitamins can help address any possible deficiencies in the diet. The right multivitamin boosts energy and improves brain function, digestion, and much more. Before choosing one, consider the benefits of compounding.

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Should I try any multivitamins?

The demand for supplements resulted in hundreds of manufactured brands of multivitamins. While there are benefits, practice caution when choosing a product off the shelf. Some do not contain the best form of vitamins or minerals. In some cases, multivitamins lack a specific vitamin someone needs. If finding the best supplement on the shelf is a challenge, compounding can help. Compounding creates a customized vitamin designed to meet specific needs. The pharmacist will use extensive knowledge of medicine to create a high-quality product. Here are 4 reasons to consider compounding.

1. Avoid unnecessary fillers

Many manufactured brands of vitamins contain preservatives and fillers. These additives can cause unwanted reactions, like allergies. A compounding approach can remove allergens or create a gluten-free or vegan multivitamin for the consumer. Fillers also mean fewer active ingredients or unnecessary quantities of a vitamin. Making a custom supplement can help avoid this issue.

2. Improve adherence

Multivitamins only work when someone takes the pill consistently. Supplements that are too big to swallow, have a weird texture or smell, or don’t offer a demonstrated benefit can go to waste. Compounding means the user has a say in what goes into the multivitamin. For instance, the pharmacist can determine the flavor of the supplement or modify the size. These changes can encourage someone to use that multivitamin consistently and receive all the benefits.

3. The right ingredients for less

Someone may need a multivitamin with specific vitamins and minerals unavailable in a store-bought brand. The user may need to buy multiple supplements to get what’s required, increasing the overall cost. A compound pharmacist can create a custom formulation with the exact ingredients required, reducing the cost over time.

4. Switch it up

Compounding changes the form to suit the patient’s needs. For instance, the pharmacist can create a liquid form if a child or older adult has problems swallowing a pill. Compounded medications can also come in tablets, topicals, troches, patches, suppositories, injectables, inhalers, and infusions.

Make it yours

With so many over-the-counter (OTC) multivitamins available, most people may not see the need for compounding. However, multivitamins should be high quality, in a preferred form, and easy to use to get the best results. Compounding helps vitamin users become more mindful of what is in the supplement. The process can also help add what is essential and remove what is not.


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