What Is A Compound Pharmacy?

The concept of compounding seemed to be long forgotten with the rise of large, commercial pharmacies. However, these small yet important establishments are making a comeback. Compounding is the process of creating specific medicine by combining raw ingredients into a form of choice. The process helps meet the various needs of individual patients. As a part of total, effective healthcare plan, compounding has proven to be vital.

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The numerous benefits of compounding

Major pharmaceutical companies mass-produce today’s medicines, which commercial pharmacies sell. This process significantly decreased the need for compound pharmacies but there are still several benefits:

  • Compound pharmacies create drugs that are no longer commercially available.
  • Patients with allergies or difficulties taking pills can have customized medication.
  • Compounding pharmacies create unique supplements.
  • Patients enjoy convenience and accessibility.

Even if these benefits are not needed right now, these pharmacies can still manage individual prescriptions. Here are 3 key benefits to shifting all medications to a compound pharmacy.

1. Compounding pharmacies build strong relationships with patients

Compound pharmacies are often community establishments. The pharmacist and staff are well known and build strong relationships with residents. Moving prescriptions to a compound pharmacy mean patients can have a collaborative approach to medicine. Patients will be more willing to share medical information, ask about different drugs, and adhere to the prescription. The result is a healthier patient.

2. Compounding pharmacies help with medication adherence.

Medication adherence is a significant health issue. Taking the correct dose at the right time consistently is vital to managing chronic conditions or pain. Studies estimate that about 125,000 deaths happen every year due to non-adherence. Building a great rapport helps patients better understand the need for taking drugs on time. Furthermore, community pharmacies continually push initiatives to educate patients on the importance of medication. Finally, patients can discuss side effects and challenges to taking prescriptions. At that point, compound pharmacies can come up with custom solutions to reduce any friction.

3. Compounding pharmacies can save you money

Despite the convenience and accessibility of large pharmacies, compound pharmacies save patients money. Smaller pharmacies have access to large amounts of raw materials. Medication can be compounded without expensive dyes or additives that add no value to the patient’s health. Furthermore, the drug’s average price will be cheaper and patients won’t have to go far distances for prescriptions.

Enjoy all the benefits of a compound pharmacy.

Compound pharmacies serve communities in unique ways. By being able to create personalized drugs on command, pharmacies can meet individual needs. Even if someone does not need these specific services, there is still value in filling prescriptions here. The pharmacy can build a long-term relationship that’s sometimes difficult in larger pharmacies. As medication doses are modified, pharmacists can also help with changes in medications or new formulas as needed.


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