Do You Need A Medicated Shampoo?

Every year, many Americans tackle scalp-related conditions like seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis, and fungal infections. Others experience hair loss due to folliculitis and androgenetic alopecia. Some cases are so severe that a dermatologist may prescribe a special shampoo. These shampoos contain medication that calms inflammation, giving the scalp time to heal. Usually, the patient uses the shampoo 2-3 times per week and other medicine over several weeks. While medicated shampoos can help, many patients may benefit from a compounded shampoo.

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What is compounding?

Compounding is a unique skill developed by pharmacists. A compound pharmacist makes medication from raw ingredients or combines multiple medications to create a unique formula. This formula meets the individual needs of a patient. Compounding is common in oral, liquid, and topical medicines. A pharmacist can also create a compounded shampoo to treat hair and scalp issues. Here are 4 reasons this shampoo can benefit patients.

1. Medicine that’s right for you

Major pharmaceutical companies mass-produce medicated shampoos. These shampoos may contain high concentrations of medications that are not safe for some patients. However, a compound pharmacist can recreate the shampoo with the correct dose. For instance, compounded shampoos are helpful for children who need smaller quantities of the active ingredient.

2. Create off-the-market shampoos

Mass-produced drugs are added and removed from the market every year. These changes are often due to the demand for drugs. Yet, discontinued drugs may be the precise formulation that some patients need. Compound pharmacists can recreate the exact formula for patients by using the same ingredients.

3. Avoiding allergies

Some patients need treatment, but the prescribed medicine can cause a drug allergy. Medicated shampoos can contain additives and other ingredients to help with shelf-life. A dermatologist can recommend a compounded shampoo free of additives so that the patient can receive treatment.

4. Improve the chances of success

Patients must use medicated shampoos for several weeks to see the best results. However, medication adherence is a problem that can derail treatment. Compound pharmacists can create shampoos that encourage more use. For instance, if a child needs medicated shampoo, the pharmacist can add a preferred scent or color.

A healthier head of hair

Scalp conditions are challenging to treat without medicated shampoos. Yet, some shampoos on the market aren’t optimal for some patients, limiting treatment success. Creating a unique formula to meet the needs of the patients can help. A compounded shampoo adds what’s needed and removes what’s not, leading to healthier hair.


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