The Lesser-Known Vitamin

Vitamin B12 may be lesser known than some other supplements, but the small nutrient packs a big punch. B12 can improve memory, boost energy, and increase productivity. The body doesn’t make B12 naturally, so people have to get the vitamin through food products or by taking a supplement. Consider these B12 benefits and try a vitamin or supplement for increasing productivity.

ReNue Rx The Importance Of B12 Vitamins _ Supplements That Can Increase Productivity

What does B12 do?

B12 supports many of the body’s functions. For example, the vitamin helps form red blood cells and supports nerve function. Getting enough B12 is also essential during pregnancy. Studies have shown that B12 helps a fetus’s brain and nervous system develop properly. B12 is a major ingredient in prenatal vitamins for this very reason. But people don’t stop needing B12 after birth.

Vitamins for a mood boost

Taking a B12 supplement can increase mood and energy. Although researchers don’t understand yet exactly how, B12 plays a significant role in making serotonin, the chemical that helps boost mood. Because of this, people with depression may experience symptom improvement with a B12 supplement. One study even showed that people who took both antidepressants and a B12 supplement had better symptom improvement than those who took only antidepressants.

Fight that afternoon slump

Feeling that 3 p.m. crash more than usual? Fatigue is one of the most frequent signs of a B12 deficiency. Although B12 may not help people who already get enough of the vitamin, taking a daily supplement can help some people avoid bouts of fatigue and increase energy throughout the day.

What other supplements can boost my productivity?

Other B vitamins, include B6 and B9 have been shown to increase brain health and function. The amino acid L-theanine has also been shown to increase focus and mental clarity. Green tea is high in both L-theanine and caffeine, which can help people stay on task throughout the day. Other brain-boosting supplements may include ingredients such as curcumin, vitamin E or omega-3s.

When should I take a supplement?

A healthy diet and lifestyle are always the first line of defense for increasing health and boosting energy. But some people benefit from supplements, too. Try to combine supplements with healthy habits such as exercising regularly, drinking enough water, and sleeping 7-8 hours per night. If focus is still a problem, ask a pharmacist about a supplement that can increase focus and productivity.


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