The Debate On Supplements For Kids

As any parent can attest, children grow and develop quickly. These blossoming kids must get sufficient nutrients, vitamins, and minerals for optimal health. While most adults see the value in a multivitamin, the topic of supplements for kids is highly debated. Most experts agree that children who eat a varied and balanced diet do not need a multivitamin. A balanced diet includes a colorful variety of fruits and vegetables, lean meats, whole grains, and plenty of water. However, 56% of American children do not get this recommended diverse diet. Children and adolescents can often have unhealthy eating habits as well. More than one-third eat fast food on any given day. Therefore, a multivitamin for kids is quickly becoming non-negotiable.

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Who should use a multivitamin?

Supplements may be necessary for kids who consume excess processed foods, which often contain fewer vitamins and minerals than food prepared at home. Those who drink too many sodas or fruit juices are also at risk of vitamin deficiencies. In addition, some children tend to be picky eaters or have unique nutritional needs. Supplements can make up for any vitamins lacking in the diet, which could cause various medical conditions. Moreover, children on a vegetarian or dairy-free diet may also need extra iron and calcium. However, parents should always consult a doctor or pharmacist before giving any supplement to a child.

All supplements are not created equal

Although some children will benefit from a supplement, the quality of multivitamins on the market is another obstacle. Some supplements may have too much or too little of a particular vitamin. Others aren’t safe to give to children, as supplements aren’t heavily regulated. Most concerns, however, are due to the specific needs of kids that many brands cannot provide. For instance, lactose intolerant kids may need to take non-dairy calcium supplements to avoid experiencing unpleasant symptoms. Furthermore, some children may be allergic to certain ingredients in regular supplements, such as soy or gluten. Creating a customized multivitamin is one of the best ways to give kids supplements safely.

The compound advantage

Some parents are concerned about generic multivitamins for kids. Taste preferences, difficulty swallowing, or special dietary make these supplements ineffective. To overcome these challenges, pharmacists will recommend a compounded supplement. Compounding is creating specialized medicine for the patient’s specific needs. Compounded supplements are an excellent option for kids because multivitamins can be made in child-friendly flavors or forms. These can appeal to even the pickiest eaters. Moreover, compounding pharmacists can customize the dosage according to the child’s body weight and dietary requirements for optimal results. Finally, because most pharmacies compound with high-quality ingredients, there are no fillers or additives that could pose a health risk to the child.

Healthy kid, happy kid

Multivitamins are a bonus to a healthy, balanced diet. However, a multivitamin becomes crucial for children with dietary restrictions or poor eating habits. Parents should choose a safe supplement with ingredients essential to the child’s development. When possible, ask a doctor to pre-approve the multivitamin or suggest specific vitamins and minerals. For parents skeptical about supplements on the market, a compounded solution gives control and improves the chances of adherence.


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