Ending Frequent Bathroom Breaks

For most people, a trip to the bathroom is hardly a reason to take notice. For other individuals, needing to go can be a nuisance, especially if the urge is frequent. Sometimes, life events like pregnancy can temporarily increase the need to use the restroom. When the problem doesn’t resolve, the following lifestyle changes can reduce potty breaks and improve quality of life.

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Take vitamins C & D

Most people associate vitamins C and D with immunity and bone health, but both nutrients can also be vital for bladder health. Research suggests that people who get enough vitamin C are more likely to experience less urgency. Meanwhile, vitamin D deficiencies have been linked to weakened pelvic floors. Citrus fruits, leafy greens, cruciferous veggies, and potatoes are excellent sources of vitamin C, while vitamin D can be found in fortified juices, dairy products, eggs, and fish. A supplement can also help increase levels of both essential vitamins.

When to drink fluids

Completely stopping fluids at night might be a nice way to prevent excessive bathroom breaks, but the recommendation may be impractical for some. Instead, consider shifting when the bulk of fluids are consumed. For example, opt for most hydration in the morning or afternoon instead of drinking large quantities of water at night.

Avoid caffeine and alcohol

Not only can fluids that contain caffeine or alcohol encourage a person’s urge to go, but the products can also cause bladder irritation. If too many cups of coffee or daily alcohol consumption lead to more time in the bathroom, consider cutting back or eliminating both beverages from a daily routine.

Consider Kegel exercises

Another way to combat constant urges to go to the bathroom is by practicing Kegel exercises. The behavior strengthens the body’s pelvic floor, which also aids the bladder in holding urine better. Additionally, Kegel exercises can prevent accidental leaks when a person laughs or sneezes.

Avoid constipation

Although a person can’t completely prevent constipation, prioritizing a diet rich in high-fiber foods can be beneficial. When constipation occurs, the colon puts pressure on the bladder. As a result, the organ doesn’t fill, and a person may feel the urge to go more often. Sometimes a fiber supplement may be needed if diet alone is not enough.

Speak up for bladder health

Although many solutions to improve urgency and incontinence can be managed at home, don’t be afraid to speak with a pharmacist or other healthcare professional if the frequent need to go or leakage impacts quality of life. A pharmacist may be able to provide more in-depth guidance for at-home remedies and discuss additional effective solutions to treat bladder woes.


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