ADHD Happens To Adults Too

About 4-5% of adults have attention-deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The number is most likely even higher, as many adults are unaware of the condition. ADHD is a mental health issue that consists of hyperactivity, problems paying attention, problems sitting still, and impulsive behaviors. The symptoms impact the quality of life, creating difficulties with communication, work, and interpersonal relationships.

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How can supplements help?

Some adults seek medical help to manage the effects of this mental disease. However, medication may not be effective long-term or suitable for everyone. Instead, doctors will recommend lifestyle changes like diet, exercise, and medication. For people looking for ways to reduce symptoms further, some supplements can help. Supplements provide added nutrients to support brain and hormone function.

Check your vitamin C

Vitamin C is an acid needed for muscle repair, growth, and development. One feature is regulating dopamine in the brain. Vitamin C deficiencies are rare, but a supplement may help lower the effects of ADHD. Note that people should take vitamin C at least an hour after alkaline-based ADHD medication.

Zinc may help with ADHD

Zinc is an essential mineral that helps with metabolism, immune health, and wound healing. This mineral also helps with dopamine production, necessary for memory, focus, and mood. Studies show that low zinc levels are present in people with ADHD.

Boost your iron

Like zinc, iron is an essential mineral necessary for several processes in the body. One such function is transporting oxygenated blood to organs like the brain. A lack of iron is usually linked to anemia, which speaks to fatigue. However, studies show that low iron levels are tied to the severity of ADHD. This mineral also helps with dopamine production.

Get calm with melatonin

Melatonin is a natural hormone that helps with calmness and the body’s circadian rhythms. Recently, melatonin supplements have gained popularity as a go-to sleep aid. For people with ADHD who have trouble sleeping and managing mood, a supplement can help with relaxation.


In a small study, 72% of child participants were magnesium deficient. These figures may be the same for adults. Magnesium triggers over 300 enzyme reactions in the body, including mood and mental clarity. A magnesium supplement may be essential for reversing the effects of ADHD.


Omega-3 is one of the most highly researched nutrients in combating ADHD. This unsaturated fat is common in cold-water fish but is widely available in supplement form. Omega-3 helps with cognitive function, focus issues, and even behavioral problems. Further studies reveal that supplementation can significantly improve ADHD symptoms.

Pay attention to these supplements

One should only take these supplements under a doctor’s supervision and guidance. These essential nutrients fill dietary gaps and provide a much-needed boost when done correctly. A compounding pharmacist can combine these nutrients into a convenient multivitamin to make supplementation easier.


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