Caffeine: Hold The Coffee

Most people perk up the day through the use of a hot cup of coffee. Caffeine is a naturally occurring substance found in more than 60 plants including guarana and kola nuts. While coffee is the most widely associated beverage, other options include chocolate, teas and caffeine supplements. Caffeine often gets a bad rap because of the potential for energy crashes but the stimulant can be beneficial when used in moderation.

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1. Improving focus

Caffeine pills can be very helpful for people needing to stay focused for a long period. Consuming in a supplement form will allow for better control over the dosage than a cup of coffee or tea. Research has shown that in smaller doses, the substance is ideal for helping people maintain alertness and focus. With a 75mg serving, people will experience increased attention and alertness. The daily recommended dosage is 400mg and can increase mental alertness, speed reasoning and memory can improve. Caffeine consumption is a favorite among college students during late-night study sessions.

2. Weight loss management

Some research suggests that consuming more coffee can alter how the body stores fat and even boost gut health. A clinical review of 12 studies noted that people, in particular, who consumed more caffeine tended to have decreased body fat. People that consume 200mg daily have a higher chance of meeting the recommended physical activity levels versus individuals that didn’t. The benefit of caffeine supplements over coffee, tea or chocolate is fewer calories. Many caffeinated beverages are full of sugar, fat and unnecessary calories and cutting these out may also aid in weight loss.

3. Lower risk of type 2 diabetes

A meta-study found a link between coffee and type 2 diabetes. The study found that individuals who drank a cup of coffee per day had a 6% lower chance of developing type 2 diabetes. Research suggests that caffeine helps to maintain beta cell function in the pancreas. These cells produce insulin, which regulates the body’s blood sugar levels.4. Caffeine and mood boosts

Most people are familiar with caffeine crashes when the energy level once sustained by the stimulant ends. But research suggests that supplements can work as a preventative to stave off mood-related disorders like depression.

Should you consume more caffeine?

Whether thru a beverage or a pill, there are numerous benefits of regular caffeine consumption. Numerous studies have shown caffeine as a performance enhancer in sports, cognition and mood. A supplement is often advantageous due to the regulated amount in each pill as opposed to an unknown amount per ounce of coffee or tea. Caffeine can adversely affect some people with health problems. Before starting any new supplement, discuss dietary, drug or supplement changes with a healthcare provider prior to adding to a daily routine.


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