Preventing Acne One Ingredient At A Time

For many people, acne is just a minor nuisance that is often most frustrating during puberty. But for other individuals, acne can be a lifelong struggle. When trying different cleansing routines and removing foods isn’t enough, some people turn to supplements to boost health in hopes of putting an end to persistent acne. But understanding which supplements are best for optimal skin health is critical for getting the desired results.

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1. Vitamin A for cell turnover

Anyone obsessed with skincare knows that most dermatologists will recommend incorporating retinol or retinoid into a daily skin routine. The popular ingredient is derived from vitamin A and is linked with boosting texture, correcting hyperpigmentation, supporting water retention in the skin for a more supple look, and promoting cellular turnover by boosting elastin and collagen production. However, experts warn against attempting to take vitamin A orally for skin benefits because of the risk of toxicity and liver damage. Instead, opt for topical retinol or retinoid.

2. Zinc to control acne

Zinc is a multifaceted mineral that not only boosts immunity but can also support a targeted acne treatment plan. When taken as an oral supplement, zinc has been found to help reduce oil production in the skin and prevent bacterial infections or inflammation. Remember that most people don’t need to consume large amounts of the mineral. Aim for no more than 30mg, although most adults are encouraged to consume no more than 8-11mg.

3. Vitamin D to prevent acne

While more research is needed to understand the link between vitamin D and acne fully, preliminary research suggests that individuals who struggle with persistent acne may have a vitamin D deficiency. Specifically, two studies separately discovered the connection. A study noted a correlation between low vitamin D levels and an increased incidence of acne. Similarly, another study found that vitamin D can block the Propionibacterium acnes bacteria from impacting skin cells, a critical bacteria in developing acne.

4. Collagen for plumper skin

Collagen is another super ingredient often highly promoted as essential for good skin health. The component is one of the most abundant proteins in the human body and is also essential for muscles, joints, and even blood vessels and organs. While consuming foods rich in collagen is one way to get this critical skin-loving ingredient, experts agree that supplement form might be the better option.

Ask before popping a pill

Consider getting a dermatologist consultation before heading to the pharmacy to pick up supplements for people with more serious forms of acne. As with any other health item, not all supplements are safe or efficient when consumed with other medications or foods. Similarly, as outlined above, some supplements shouldn’t be taken orally but rather topically. Talking with a licensed dermatologist before incorporating supplements will ensure better outcomes for skin health and overall wellbeing.


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