Forgetting Medication Is Not The End Of The World

Forgetting medication happens. Sometimes the reason is accidental and sometimes it is intentional. When a dosage is missed, consult a healthcare professional. The remedy for missing a dose will vary by medication type.

ReNue Rx What Should You Do When You Forget To Take Your Medication?

Who is most at risk?

Every single person is at risk of forgetting to take medication. With busy lives and many things to remember, often taking medication is forgotten. Many people find putting medications in a weekly pill box helps to remember dosing especially for medications that are taken more than once daily.

What not to do

Doubling a dosage should only be done after speaking to the prescribing physician. Typically doubling a dose is not recommended but varies on drug class. Doctors have educated reasoning in place for determining the type and frequency of medication. Adding doses outside of the normal cadence can throw off the treatment plan.

Ways to remember

Everyone has tricks to remember important dates but taking medication routinely is easy to skip. There are several ways to remember to take medication:

  • Set an alarm
  • Write it into the daily schedule
  • Combine with an activity like brushing teeth
  • Put in on the calendar
  • Put the medication within view not hidden in a cabinet
  • Create a tracking log
  • Put notes on the front door or car steering wheel
  • Make it a family affair
  • Purchase a pill sorter

Basically, any sort of reminder will work. The goal is to take the medication to completion and not miss any doses. Always ask the prescribing physician when in doubt.


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