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About 1 in 2 American adults have taken at least one prescription medication. All medication, prescription or otherwise, comes with specific instructions. Prescription dosage is the most significant rule of thumb, which is the amount of medication that must be taken at once. Before leaving the pharmacy, a pharmacist will provide the patient with dosage instructions. Here is why prescription dosage matters.

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Why dosage matters

Dosage instructions cover the amount of medication a patient should take at a single time. Most medications come in different strengths and formulations. Since these drugs aren’t one-size-fits-all, the pharmacist must outline dosage rules for the patient. Some medicines also work better under specific conditions, like with meals or at particular times. If the patient fails to follow these instructions, there could be unfavorable results.

The prescription dosage has individual patients in mind

Prescription dosage takes several patient factors into mind. For instance, someone with a higher body weight will need a stronger dosage. If the previous treatment was ineffective, the doctor could also raise the dosage. On the other hand, children need smaller dosages more frequently to compete with faster metabolisms. Following the individual dosage instructions can increase the chances of successful treatment.

Dosages help with overall health and wellness

The correct prescription dosage also protects the overall health and wellness. Spreading the medication times and adjusting medicine strength helps the patient have a better quality of life. If dosing times and instructions aren’t outlined, the patient can have unwanted side effects. Furthermore, a lack of instructions leaves interpretation to the patient, increasing the chances of non-adherence.

Overdosing can have serious consequences

Most medicines should work if used as directed. However, taking too many drugs at once can have dire consequences. Outlining the right dosage reduces this risk. If the patient has clear instructions, the medicine can be used safely. Overdosing is common and the cause of hospitalizations and even deaths.

Underdosing can impact patients to

Although overdosing is a concern, underdosing can be just as dangerous. Underdosing can mean not taking enough medication in one sitting or missing doses. As a result, the patient may not be at risk of unwanted side effects. However, underdosing means the condition is not being addressed effectively. Patients, therefore, run the risk of worsening symptoms, hospitalization, and a poor quality of life.

Trust your pharmacist

Pharmacists are there to support patients with the right information and medication. Each pharmacist strives to get the dosage right for patients and ensures the patient is aware of proper drug use. At the same time, the pharmacist will need to depend on the patient to follow instructions. Today, pharmacists perform medication reviews and follow-ups to make sure patients take the correct prescriptions at the right times. Pharmacists can also adjust dosages or compound medication for easier use if there is a challenge. Trust the pharmacist and dosage information for better disease management.


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