Ever Considered Topical Medication?

For almost every ailment, there is an available oral medicine. A doctor may prescribe an oral medication, or a pharmacist may suggest an over-the-counter solution. However, in some cases, topical medication can be a useful option. Medicated creams, ointments, and gels are common in pain management, antibiotics, steroids, antifungals, HRT, and much more. These may work faster or can provide more extended relief than pills.

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Ointments vs gels

Medicated ointments are semi-solid, containing higher oil concentrations in the mixture. Steroids, antibiotics, and antifungal creams are common ointments. On the other hand, gels are oil-free, made of more water and sometimes alcohol. These transparent topicals are fast-absorbing and are helpful for burns and pain relief. Here are 3 reasons to choose medicated ointments and gels instead of oral drugs.

1. A great alternative to administering medication

Oral medication, while helpful, has some challenges. Some patients tend to experience side effects like an upset stomach, and more severe side effects can force patients to stop the therapy altogether. In addition, younger patients have difficulty swallowing pills, delaying treatment. A topical solution is easier to administer treatment while avoiding unwanted reactions.

2. Lowers the risk of drug interactions

The more prescription medication a patient takes, the higher the risk of unwanted interactions. Drug interactions can reduce the effectiveness of one drug or cause dangerous side effects, and both instances can derail treatment which can be harmful to the patient. If the pharmacist is concerned about adding a new drug, a topical solution can help. The patient can still treat the condition while avoiding drug-to-drug interactions.

3. More effective in certain situations

When a patient takes a pill or gel capsule, the medication must move through the digestive system. The stomach acids dissolve the tablet, and the active ingredients pass through the liver. The drugs then move through the bloodstream to treat the affected areas. Medicated ointments and gels work directly on the painful location, bypassing the digestive system. Furthermore, the topical solution only involves the area applied. With topical solutions, patients can still function during the day while avoiding disruptive side effects.

Tap into topicals

Topical medicine is an easy-to-use, safe alternative to oral drugs. Ointments or gels can provide faster, more extended relief for some ailments. Ask a pharmacist about a topical option for an upcoming prescription. Some pharmacists can create the medicine using compounding if the alternative is unavailable. The convenience and effectiveness make topical medicine an excellent choice.


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