Finding The Right Daily Multivitamin

Ideally, people would eat a perfectly balanced diet to ensure the proper nutritional support. But in reality, whether through skipped meals or questionable food choices, some people may need to supplement nutritional needs with a multivitamin. But nutrients and minerals are needed in varying amounts, which can make picking the right supplement confusing. Find out which ingredients should be prioritized when selecting a multivitamin.

ReNue Rx What Ingredients Should I Look For In A Daily Multivitamin?

Check for vitamin D

Most people don’t get enough vitamin D every day. Vitamin D is a nutrient that the body can’t naturally produce, meaning that people must rely on food or supplements to get what’s needed. The vitamin is a supportive building block that helps the body properly absorb calcium. Experts recommend that people up to age 70 get 600IU or 15mcg per day.

Protecting bones with calcium

According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), calcium deficiency is a widespread problem, especially among children and seniors. Calcium is a critical nutrient that aids in protecting bone health. A lack of calcium can be detrimental, especially for older adults, because of the increased risk of breaking bones from falls or trips. Again, foods are the best sources of calcium, but if diet alone isn’t enough, people should aim to get 1,000mcg per day by supplementing with a multivitamin.

Zinc for immunity

Ideally, people shouldn’t wait until falling ill with the cold or flu to begin taking zinc. Along with boosting immunity and supporting wound healing, zinc is linked with aiding the body in processing carbs, fats, and proteins for energy. Zinc is another mineral that’s often lacking specifically in American diets. So, for people concerned about boosting immunity and supporting energy levels, try to get eight to 11mcg per day.

Iron, but from the right supplements

Iron deficiency is one of the most common issues worldwide. However, the deficiency is more common in women because of menstruation and pregnancy. Iron deficiency is also more common in vegans and vegetarians. Still, not every person needs the same amount of iron. While most people who eat red meat can get enough iron through diet, people who must supplement should find a multivitamin that offers no more than 18mcg of the vitamin. Taking more than the recommended amount could lead to nausea. Likewise, be mindful that gummy multivitamins usually do not contain iron.

Vitamin B12 for energy

Anyone who struggles with energy levels should try to incorporate vitamin B12 into a daily diet. The vitamin is directly responsible for aiding the body in regulating energy but also supports healthy nerve and blood cell function. However, the daily recommended amount for B12 is quite low at no more than 3mcg.

Supplementing a better diet

Ideally, experts will always encourage people to get recommended nutrients through a healthy diet because the risk of adverse reactions or consuming too much of another nutrient is lower. However, when supplements are needed, people should focus on multivitamins approved by third-party oversight agencies and ensure that each vitamin’s total amount doesn’t exceed the daily recommended amount. When in doubt, consider speaking with a physician or dietitian to help identify the best multivitamins.


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