Why Can’t I Find My Prescription?

For 2 out of 3 Americans that use prescription drugs, sometimes finding the medication is easier said than done. Most adults are accustomed to visiting a local pharmacist and picking up prescriptions. However, there are times when the pharmacist has unwelcome news that the medicine is unavailable. Medication shortages happen due to high demand and low supply. In some cases, the opposite occurs, and the drug is discontinued due to low demand. Being unable to fill a prescription can bring about anxiety, especially for those managing multiple illnesses or symptoms. This is no time to panic. A local pharmacist can help with compounding.

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Searching for a medication

Before considering compounding, speak with a doctor or pharmacist first. If the medication is unavailable at a local pharmacy, both experts may be able to locate the drug elsewhere. Some big-box brands provide online services, but the drug may be more expensive. The pharmacist can recommend an alternative version, brand, or form in stock. However, these are sometimes temporary solutions. The patient may notice a constant struggle to find the medication, costing time and money. Finding medicine is crucial to keep up medicine adherence which can help patients avoid worsening symptoms or hospitalization.

Why compounding matters

For patients who cannot routinely fill a prescription, compounding can help. Compounding is the process of creating a customized medication for a patient. The compounding pharmacist has a wealth of knowledge in medicine and can often recreate the drug. Compounding involves taking raw ingredients in the proper dose and making a custom formulation so the patient can continue treatment. Sometimes, the pharmacist can combine multiple medications into a single form if the patient requires numerous prescriptions.

Other compounding benefits

As generic drugs are often available on the market, compounding may sound expensive or unnecessary. However, there is no guarantee that a generic drug will work. While most have similar ingredients, pharmacists can’t always vouch for quality and effectiveness. With compounding, pharmacists and patients have quality control. The patient also saves time and money with this approach. Instead of spending hours searching for a particular drug, a compounding pharmacist ensures the patient always has support. Additionally, the patient can request changes in form and flavor, which helps with medication adherence.

Keep treatment going with compounding

With an aging population, more Americans will need prescription medication. However, keeping up with the demand for specific drugs or brands will take a lot of work. If patients struggle to find drugs, adherence will decrease, leading to unpleasant consequences. Compounding allows the patient to have some control over the supply of medical treatment. Pharmacists often have raw ingredients in store and can meet the needs of individual patients. Compounding should act as a backup when the medicine is in low supply and the first course of action when treatment is hard to find.


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