Lollipops and Freezer Pops

Lollipops and Freezer Pops

Lollipops and freezer pops can be compounded with active ingredients to treat a wide variety of oral symptoms but are most commonly used in children’s medication or to treat oral thrush and sore throats.

Why are lollipops or freezer pops used for pediatric medications?

Many children have a difficult time swallowing pills or even liquid medications. Lollipops and freezer pops are fun and easy-to-take alternatives to most commercially available products. Your compounding pharmacist can create the pops and colors and flavors can be added to these to make them more appealing to young kids. Several types of medications can also be added to these formulations, making them an appropriate treatment for a variety of children’s illnesses.

Why are lollipops or freezer pops better at treating oral thrush?

Oral thrush, also known as oral candidiasis, is a condition where fungus grows in the lining of the mouth. People with a strong immune system are usually able to fight off oral thrush, but it often affects children, elderly patients, and people with weakened immune systems.

Mouthwashes or oral medications are typically used to treat oral thrush, but lollipops and freezer pops can be great treatment alternatives. They take longer to dissolve, which allows the medication to stay in contact with the affected mouth for a longer period of time than a typical liquid or medicated mouthwash. This additional contact time can be beneficial in eliminating the fungus.

Why are lollipops and freezer pops used to treat sore throats?

Lollipops and freezer pops are also frequently compounded for sore throats. Anesthetics can be added to the pops to numb the mouth and throat helping to reduce the pain. The cold associated with freezer pops offers additional soothing relief and may be the preferred formulation for sore throats.

Contact your local Frisco ReNue Rx compounding pharmacist if you are interested in learning more about compounded lollipops and freezer pops and how your medications can be made into a convenient formulation.


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