The Importance Of The Pharmacy

Also known as drugstores, pharmacies are an integral part of the healthcare system. These establishments provide prescription medications, behind-the-counter medication, and over-the-counter (OTC) medicine to people. Many pharmacies also carry food items, household cleaning products, and toiletries. Drugstores can be located inside hospitals and grocery stores or operate as standalone businesses. Pharmacists are the healthcare professionals who work at pharmacies to dispense medication and assist patients.


The role of the pharmacist

Looking for the most knowledgeable person at the drugstore? Pharmacists are medical professionals who receive expert education on the chemical makeup of medications and proper drug usage. These health professionals understand the side effects, interactions, and benefits of different medications. Pharmacists work closely with doctors and nurses to provide comprehensive patient care. At the pharmacy, these professionals can teach patients how to take medication and answer any questions.

How do local pharmacies serve the community?

A neighborhood pharmacy is an important part of the community. Local pharmacists are easily accessible, which is great for patients with limited access to other healthcare providers. At local pharmacies, patients can get immunizations, health screenings, and expert medical advice. Often, pharmacists or doctors will work together to provide health clinics at these locations to educate and treat patients locally.

What is a health screening?

Medical tests that detect signs or symptoms of certain diseases or conditions in patients are known as health screens. Different types of screenings can identify conditions like high blood pressure (BP), diabetes, osteoporosis, and other diseases before symptoms worsen. Pharmacies are equipped with the staff and technology needed to perform many health screenings onsite for patients.

Dispensing medication the right way

Prescription medication and behind-the counter-medications are drugs that require the assistance of pharmacists and pharmacy techs. Before dispensing medications, pharmacists will perform a clinical review of the medication. Pharmacists must properly store and prepare medications along with transcribing patient information to maintain the safety and integrity of the pharmacy.

Community pharmacists counsel patients

Local pharmacists also work as medical counselors to advise patients. Patients can always speak with pharmacists to learn more about medications and ask pertinent questions. Pharmacists can also monitor how the patient responds to the medication. Based on these findings, pharmacists can suggest modifications like adjusting the medication dosage or type. Due to the regular interaction with local patients, pharmacists are advocates who help customers receive proper medical treatment.

Working with your local pharmacy

All patients should have a local pharmacy where prescriptions can be filled. At a local pharmacy, patients can benefit from the knowledge and expertise of the pharmacy staff. Enhancing patient care is possible with knowledgeable pharmacists nearby.


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