Can Pharmacists Help With Your Prescriptions?

Prescription drugs and supplements have become an acceptable part of everyday life. Today, about 48% of American adults take at least one prescription drug. Millions also practice polypharmacy, which is at least 5 prescription drugs. Despite prescription medicine being commonplace, many patients struggle to use these drugs properly. A private consultation with a pharmacist can make a difference.

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What is a private consultation?

Pharmacists are known as medical experts who issue prescription medicines. However, the skills and expertise of pharmacists go beyond the knowledge of drugs. Patients can now have private consultations with pharmacists as part of holistic disease management. The talk is a discreet meeting with the pharmacist. Patients can raise questions about medications, discuss concerns, and find practical solutions to issues. During the consultation, there are several ways the pharmacist can help improve the patient’s health.

A medication review

During the private consultation, the pharmacist can perform a medication review. The patient should present all prescriptions, supplements, and over-the-counter drugs. The pharmacist conducts a comprehensive check with this information while asking the patient some key questions. The review ensures the drugs are working effectively and the patient has up-to-date prescriptions. Medication reviews also address unwanted side effects. After the review, the patient should have the best medication required for optimal health.

Address medicine adherence

Adhering to prescriptions is one of the most challenging parts of disease management. Due to busy lifestyles or unwanted side effects. Non-adherence can lead to worsening conditions and even hospitalization. A private consultation addresses concerns with taking medication. The pharmacist can also suggest compounding, combining prescriptions to meet the patient’s needs.

The best options for you

Besides prescription drugs, some patients use supplements, herbs, and over-the-counter (OTC) medications. Sometimes, these supplements can be ineffective or cause unwanted side effects. In some cases, there could be unwanted interactions with prescription drugs. Pharmacists can swap out or remove supplements altogether. These simple changes can help patients feel healthier while avoiding unfavorable interactions.

Lowering your costs

Prescription drugs can be costly. Some patients cannot afford prescription drugs consistently, reducing overall health. Pharmacists have tools and resources available to help lower medication costs. For example, the pharmacist can recommend cheaper yet effective alternatives. Some pharmacists also have access to resources and insurance incentives to help lower costs. When medicine is more accessible, patients have a better chance to lead healthy lives.

One conversation can lead to better health.

A one-on-one consultation allows a pharmacist to perform medication therapy management. This process helps with safety, drug interactions, and even cost. The pharmacist can perform a comprehensive review and answer questions in a comfortable setting. Patients who take multiple medications or are concerned with overall health should speak with a pharmacist today.


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