Finding An Answer To Low Testosterone

The male sex hormone testosterone is arguably the fuel behind the characteristics of any man. The benefits of high testosterone are boundless energy levels, high libido, increased muscle mass, better hair growth, and improved fertility. Today’s men, however, aren’t tapping into the many benefits of testosterone. Statistics show that low T is a common issue affecting at least 10% of American men, especially with age. Men now have significantly lower testosterone levels compared to a single generation ago. Doctors and men are searching for low T solutions to improve quality of life. There is evidence that the right supplements can provide a platform for increasing testosterone.


What’s the 411 on low T?

Testosterone is an androgen produced in the testes of men, signaled by the brain’s hypothalamus and pituitary gland. The hypothalamus secretes gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH), which triggers the pituitary gland to release luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) at adequate levels. Together, these hormones signal cells in the testes to produce testosterone at sufficient levels. Testosterone is necessary for the development of males during adolescence. The hormone develops muscle and bone mass, facial and body hair growth, and deepening of the voice. As an adult male, the hormone guides factors like libido, muscle mass, energy, red blood cell production, and focus. Women also produce testosterone in small amounts for essential functions surrounding reproduction, muscle mass, bone density, and libido.

The consequences of low T

Normal testosterone levels read between 300-1,000ng per dL for men. However, some men on the low end of the range will experience symptoms. Low T symptoms are wide-ranging. The more apparent signs include reduced energy, fatigue, low libido, and decreased muscle mass. Some men may develop erectile dysfunction (ED), increased body fat, and reduced hair growth. Low T can also lead to diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and infertility. Low testosterone seeps into other parts of life, too. Men with inadequate testosterone levels may no longer feel motivated to pursue goals, leading to less achievement, lower income, and fewer intimate relationships.

What can guys do?

The symptoms of low testosterone can present similarly to other chronic conditions. Therefore, men who suspect low T should visit a doctor for a blood test. Once other conditions are ruled out, the blood test will signal if there is a problem with testosterone. There are treatment options available, but doctors will encourage lifestyle changes first. Dietary changes, increased sleep, stress reduction, and resistance exercise all combine to improve testosterone. For severe cases, doctors will recommend hormone replacement therapy (HRT), which includes a synthetic form of testosterone. Before trying HRT, doctors often suggest a series of vitamins, minerals, and supplements that may help increase testosterone naturally.

Complex solutions

A combination of vitamins and minerals, in the right amounts, can form something called a complex vitamin. This type of supplement has multiple compounds that work synergistically, improving overall effectiveness. For testosterone health, zinc, magnesium, and boron are vital minerals that help with hormone production in men. Studies show that zinc supplementation may improve total testosterone. Boron and magnesium also have similar effects. A B-complex vitamin, which combines the 8 essential B vitamins, may also help with testosterone production. B-6 optimizes androgen hormones like testosterone, while B-12 can promote energy production.

Vitamin D and other testosterone-boosting compounds

The sunshine vitamin, also known as vitamin D, deserves special mention. Testosterone depends on vitamin D for optimal production. Vitamin D also helps the body effectively use other essential vitamins and minerals, like magnesium, calcium, and zinc. Men with vitamin D deficiencies are more likely to have low testosterone. Other supplements like dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) and d-aspartic acid help synthesize testosterone. Herbal options, such as fenugreek, ashwagandha, and ginseng, have also been used for years to enhance libido and testosterone.

Raise testosterone naturally

Low testosterone can be the underlying cause of many ailments impacting men today. From severe hair loss and poor libido to fatigue, poor concentration, and infertility, testosterone plays a role in many conditions. The right combination of supplements can help boost the vitamins and minerals needed for hormone production. A pharmacist can suggest the right supplements or create a custom option through compounding. Remember, supplements will only work when taken consistently and combined with the necessary lifestyle changes to promote overall health.


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