The Big American Problem

Obesity continues to be one of the biggest problems in the US. The CDC reports that close to 40% of men and women are overweight. At the same time, millions of people are actively trying to shed extra fat. This need to lose weight has birthed an over 70 billion dollar industry that includes some effective supplements.

ReNue Rx What Supplement Can I Take To Help Lose Weight?

All supplements aren’t equal

Hundreds of supplements claim to support weight loss. However, many combine useless placebos with the goal of reducing the weight of bank accounts rather than waistlines. Most supplements on the market are probably ineffective. So which supplements can people trust? Aiming for a natural or well-researched supplement works best.

Count on caffeine

Caffeine is the active ingredient in coffee and green tea. Caffeine is great for improving alertness and sharpness. The ingredient can also speed up metabolism and suppress appetite, causing weight loss. Studies show a noticeable reduction in weight as a by-product of caffeine intake. A supplement containing caffeine or green tea extract can help with weight loss goals.

Go straight to the gut with probiotics

Probiotics refer to the millions of microorganisms that impact gut health. Millions of live bacteria exist in the gut. Each help with the immune system and digestive health. Can these tiny organisms impact weight loss too? Studies have found that overweight people have noticeably less good bacteria than bad. When eaten in some foods or taken as a supplement, probiotics help with reducing and keeping weight off. Evidence points to the benefits of using a probiotic supplement daily to help with weight loss.

B12 helps fight fat

B vitamins impact several functions of the body including the brain, cholesterol, and immune health. Surprisingly, B vitamins can also keep the pounds off. B12 helps turn food into energy. A B12 deficiency could be the reason behind unexpected weight gain. A B-complex supplement provides all of the health benefits of B vitamins with the added weight loss boost of B12.

Don’t tackle weight loss alone

No magic pill or supplement alone can reduce and keep off body weight. The mindful combination of these supplements with diet and exercise can truly speed up success. If jitters are not a problem, try a supplement containing caffeine. Add a daily probiotic and B12 supplement to accelerate results. Before taking any supplement for the purpose of weight loss, consult a doctor. Get a detailed assessment and outline any weight loss goals. A proper plan with the right supplements can make those pounds melt away.


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