Is Low T Killing Your Vibe?

For men, high testosterone levels are a big deal. High testosterone levels mean high vitality and virility. With age, testosterone naturally decreases. However, in some men, the decrease impacts the quality of life. In some cases, men could have a severe dip due to conditions like hypogonadism. To combat the issue, doctors developed TRT or testosterone replacement therapy.

reunite rx What Is TRT Understanding Male Hormone Replacement Therapy

Why is testosterone so important?

Testosterone is the primary hormone in men that’s responsible for several vital functions. Men produce testosterone mainly in the testicles. The hormone impacts everything from hair growth, muscles, physical appearance, sex drive, sperm production, and energy. Furthermore, testosterone affects fat loss, bone density, and even concentration.

Isn’t the dip natural?

As mentioned, testosterone should naturally decline with age. The hormone dips as much as 1% yearly by age 30. By age 60, 20% of men have low testosterone levels. Many scientists will argue men don’t necessarily need treatment for low testosterone. However, some men see real benefit in TRT due to reduced sex drive, increased fat, and reduced energy. The first step for TRT is understanding the dip in the hormone. Have a detailed conversation with a doctor who can run blood tests to check the current T-levels.

How TRT works

TRT supplements missing testosterone using synthetic hormones. Optimal testosterone levels should be between 300-1,000 nanograms per deciliter. Anyone with 300 ng/dL or below has low testosterone and may benefit from therapy. A doctor can help using either injections or prescribing creams, tablets, or patches. Patches are applied every 24 hours, while creams and tablets are used once daily. Advancements in treatment have brought rise in testosterone pellets embedded in the skin for 6 months. All treatments slowly release testosterone into the bloodstream.

Does male hormone replacement therapy work?

Men with severely low testosterone, like those with hypogonadism, will see significant results. Many men report increased libido, energy, and better erections. Others recognize improved moods and even hair growth. Some studies suggest satisfaction as high as 70%. Therapy works as long as the man is using the medication. Once the treatment stops, testosterone returns to normal levels.

Beware the side effects

TRT sounds like a simple solution to low testosterone; replace what was lost. However, this is easier said than done. Male hormone replacement therapy has several side effects that vary. These run the gamut from sleep apnea, acne, oily skin, and potential blood clots. Other men report increased urination and enlarged breast tissue. Furthermore, some men may feel that testosterone is low, but that isn’t the case. So by adding TRT, overproduction can increase the chances of heart disease, heart attack, and prostate cancer. Make sure to speak with a doctor about unwanted side effects.

Make the right decision for you

Using prescription creams, pills, or injections, men can benefit from TRT. The hormone takes several weeks to take effect. However, most men experience a significant improvement in libido, sperm production, energy, and more. Men with abnormally low testosterone should see results. Yet men with near-optimal levels should be careful. Speak with a doctor about any concerns and to find out if TRT is the right move.


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