Understanding Leaky Gut Syndrome

Leaky gut syndrome or intestinal permeability happens when the lining of the small intestine is damaged. Micro tears or holes in the gut allow bacteria, undigested food, and waste to enter the bloodstream. The leakage can also change gut microbiota, which is the number of good bacteria in the gut. When this happens, the body starts an autoimmune response. A leaky gut is often considered hereditary, but the condition begins with diet. Excess gluten, dairy, soy, high sugars, and excess saturated fats can spark intestinal permeability. Chronic stress, lupus, diabetes, and excess alcohol consumption are other common causes.

ReNue Rx What Is Leaky Gut 3 Supplements To Improve Gut Health

Is it a big deal?

While responding to bacteria sounds like a good thing, an autoimmune response keeps the body on high alert. This alert state creates inflammation. As a result, this unnecessary inflammation is the underlying cause of diseases like irritable bowel syndrome, celiac disease, diabetes, eczema, and more. Scientists have even linked a leaky gut to anxiety, depression, and thyroid disorders. While treating these issues helps, addressing the root cause, the leaky gut, is crucial. These 3 supplements can help restore some gut health while improving overall health and wellness.

1. Try some probiotics

Probiotics are a combination of billions of good bacteria and yeast. These live microorganisms must be in perfect balance to help with digestion, immune function, and prevent diseases. These microorganisms also generate vitamins and support metabolism. A leaky gut tends to have an inadequate amount of healthy bacteria. By taking a probiotic supplement, persons with a leaky gut can recolonize the organs with healthy bacteria. A broad-spectrum probiotic covers all the healthy bacteria needed to improve the symptoms of a leaky gut.

2. Boost your L-glutamine

L-glutamine is one of several non-essential amino acids produced by the body. Amino acids are crucial for overall health and help with the production of proteins. Deficiencies in glutamine have been linked with digestive system conditions like Crohn’s disease and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Stress, also related to a leaky gut, is known to reduce glutamine production. An L-glutamine supplement may improve gut permeability and the overall function of the lower intestines.

3. Stock up on zinc

Since the microbiota is essential for the absorption, persons with leaky gut syndrome have vital vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Zinc is an essential mineral needed for several functions in the body. A lack of zinc is directly linked to damage of the gut membrane barrier. Studies have shown that zinc tightens a leaky gut, so to speak in persons with Crohn’s disease and alcoholic liver disease. Consider a daily zinc sulfate supplement for improved gut and overall health.

Take care of your gut today

The studies on leaky gut syndrome continue to this day, and the medical community continues to learn how to treat the condition. However, proper diet, exercise, and stress reduction can reduce the occurrence of a leaky gut. Adding these 3 supplements can also radically improve gut health. Speak with a pharmacist for the best available supplements on the market. If the situation gets worse, speak with a doctor about possible treatment options.


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