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Looking to improve health and wellness? Then a supplement could add some serious value. But in a billion-dollar supplement market, choosing the right one becomes a challenge. The advice from online confuses new and experienced supplement takers alike. Pharmacists are the best resource to consult before starting a supplement.

ReNue Rx The Importance Of Consulting A Pharmacist Before Starting A Supplement

More than filling prescriptions

Pharmacists spend years learning the ins and outs of medications. These professionals do more than fill prescriptions and understand the doctor’s handwriting. Pharmacists have a close relationship with the drugs patients take. And a pharmacist’s insight can even save lives. Most patients seem to agree. Pharmacists are one of the most trusted professionals in America. Before taking a supplement, having a chat with the pharmacist will reveal critical information.

Not all drugs play nice

Pharmacists have extensive knowledge of the makeup of most medications and supplements on the market. Over 500,000 Americans consistently take prescription drugs. And these drugs may have reactions when mixed with a new supplement. Pharmacists can identify dangerous drug, food, and even other supplement interactions. Let the pharmacist know all medical history in detail. This makes taking a new supplement a safe experience.

Understanding side effects

Pharmacists can help supplement takers avoid dangerous interactions. But this does not mean the supplements alone have no side effects. Research shows that over 20,000 people are hospitalized each year due to supplement complications. Supplements can even cause allergic reactions. As pharmacists know the medical history of most patients, a consultation helps prepare for any possible hiccups.

Real or fake?

Not all supplements are created equal. Excellent marketing strategies mean supplement takers fall for ineffective placebos. Many supplements contain ingredients the FDA considers harmful. Using extensive experience, and knowing what works and what doesn’t, pharmacists can recommend the best on the market.

The root cause of the problem

What makes a consultation helpful is the level of detail that comes from a friendly visit. While many patients may think that taking a supplement will improve health, pharmacists will dig a bit deeper. By understanding the patient’s need to take the supplement, pharmacists often uncover the root cause of poor health. From there, a pharmacist can suggest the best doctors or specialists for long-term health.

Pharmacists do it better through compounding

As each person’s tolerance for drugs varies, advanced pharmacies can use compounding. Compounding is the process of combining the best ingredients to create a supplement to suit the patient. Pharmacists can create the right supplement at the right dosage based on the consultation. Discuss the possibility of compounding to improve the success of a new supplement.

Check your pharmacist today

These medical wizards provide sound advice and monitoring on the many supplements on the market. The sole focus of a pharmacist is the health and wellness of patients. So not only can a consultation be helpful, but most are also free. Get the best, safest path to wellness by tapping into the greatest resource over the counter.


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