1 In 2 Americans Have This Condition

High blood pressure, or hypertension, affects as many as 50% of all American adults. Between 2005-2015, the rate of death from hypertension increased by 11%. Worldwide, having high blood pressure is the most significant risk factor for heart disease, and the condition also increases a person’s risk of heart attack and stroke. Patients with high blood pressure should follow all doctor recommendations regarding treatment and medication to control blood pressure. There are also a few supplements a person may consider for improving heart health.

ReNue Rx Improve Heart Health 3 Supplements To Help Lower Blood Pressure

1. Try this sodium fighter

Consuming too much salt, or sodium, can have a direct impact on raising blood pressure. Conversely, potassium is a mineral that can help the body get rid of excess sodium and relax the walls of the blood vessels. Some research has shown that taking a potassium supplement can help reduce both systolic and diastolic blood pressure. While potassium is most commonly useful in patients who eat a high-sodium diet, patients may consider asking the doctor about supplements.

2. Improve both heart and gut health

Getting enough dietary fiber is crucial for improving both heart and gut health. Fiber can decrease cholesterol, blood pressure, and lower a person’s risk of heart disease. Some research has found that dietary fiber supplements can help reduce both systolic and diastolic blood pressure in some patients. While eating a high-fiber diet of at least 25g daily is the best strategy, many Americans struggle to get this amount. In these cases, taking a supplement may be helpful.

3. Choose this mineral for muscle function and more

Magnesium is one supplement that can improve nerve function, muscle function, the immune system, as well as lower blood pressure. In general, American adults should aim for 310-420mg of magnesium daily. One study found that adults with high blood pressure experienced positive results from taking 300mg of a magnesium supplement daily. The mineral can also reduce the risk of stroke, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes. If a person has trouble getting enough magnesium from dietary sources alone, ask the doctor about taking a supplement.

How can I change my lifestyle?

People can make some specific lifestyle changes to improve heart health and lower blood pressure. Eat a nutritious diet that is low in sodium and high in fiber. Exercise for at least 30 minutes, 5 days a week, maintain a healthy weight and limit alcohol consumption. For more information about lowering blood pressure for a healthy heart, speak with a healthcare provider.


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