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Travelers flying out of the country may be exposed to an array of preventable diseases abroad. Some geographic areas pose a greater health risk than others. Luckily, a number of travel vaccinations serve as an immunity boost for a range of exotic diseases. Individuals with a compromised immune system are more at risk for contracting travelers’ diseases.

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What are travel vaccinations?

Travel vaccinations, also called travel immunizations, are shots needed to protect the body from foreign illnesses. Vaccinations expose the body to specific diseases to develop antibodies. Antibodies are the first line of defense of viruses, bacteria, and other contaminants.

Are they necessary?

The type of travel vaccination a person receives depends on the destination. Some travel vaccinations are recommendations, while others are required by a country. Some countries may require a certificate of vaccination, and travelers are recommended to carry certificates for all necessary vaccinations. The questions shouldn’t be if vaccinations are necessary, but rather: how far in advance should a person get a travel vaccination?

When to consider travel vaccinations?

Health experts recommend that individuals should receive the appropriate travel vaccinations at least 4-6 weeks prior to leaving for a trip. Vaccines require a certain amount of time to take effect in the body. Getting vaccinated well before an excursion ensures a traveler is protected from the disease.

Multiple-dose vaccinations

Some vaccinations require multiple doses to be the most effective. Travelers should ensure that the entire vaccination schedule can be completed before a trip. Other vaccinations can provide considerable protection for one year or longer. Travelers can speak with a physician to create a vaccination schedule.

What travel vaccinations to take

The type of travel vaccination needed depends on the destination. Travelers can visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention vaccination page to find out what vaccinations are needed. Individuals should also be up-to-date with all routine vaccinations. A person’s health also affects what vaccinations are needed.

Where to go

Prospective travelers can visit a travel clinic or healthcare provider for vaccinations or, at least, medical guidance on healthcare precautions for the destination of travel. Travelers may also seek a travel medicine specialist. A specialist can create a comprehensive plan for travelers visiting multiple countries over an extended period of time.

Last-minute travel

Short-notice travel can happen to anyone. Family emergencies or business ventures can take someone to a place with a significant health risk. Last-minute travelers should still visit a healthcare provider to go through the options available for health protection. Nurses and doctors can advise travelers on tips to reduce contracting a disease.

Travel protection

Travel vaccinations are a simple way for individuals to be protected from preventable diseases. Other diseases can be prevented with a few other travel tips. Travelers should carry EPA-approved insect repellant for mosquito bites, practice proper hygiene, and carry a travel health kit for minor inconveniences. Finally, travel insurance can add a final layer of protection for whatever happens on the road. Speak with a pharmacist or healthcare provider for more information on travel vaccinations.


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