Healthy Bones For Today And The Future

Having strong bones is a significant health goal. When bones are healthy, people can stay mobile, enjoy activities, and are less at risk of serious injury if a trip or fall occurs. But many people are unaware that bone mass reaches a peak at age 30. Focusing on maintaining bone density and preventing accelerated loss through proven methods is critical to overall health as a person ages.

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1. Focus on a healthy diet

Unsurprisingly, dietary choices are directly linked to many aspects of health and not just in terms of weight gain or loss. A poor diet can be a contributing factor in allowing accelerated bone density loss to occur. A diet that lacks essential nutrients like vitamin C, protein, and calcium can foreshadow poor bone health. Vitamin C helps stimulate the formation of bone cells and can prevent damage. Protein is critical for supporting calcium absorption. And calcium aids in fortifying bone structure and is the primary mineral found in bones. To get these vital nutrients, focus on a diet rich in leafy greens, yellow vegetables, dairy, and

2. Exercise regularly

Most people know engaging in routine moderate exercise is vital to maintain mobility. But specifically for bone health, people also need to incorporate weight-bearing activities. However, the exercise can be modified based on an individual’s capabilities. For example, aerobics, dancing, and even walking all qualify as weight-bearing exercises. But strength training is also essential. Consider adding free weights or resistance bands. Also, try to get at least 30 minutes of exercise every day.

3. Avoid unhealthy behaviors

Society understands that tobacco is bad for lung health and that excessive alcohol consumption impairs mental function and impacts the liver. But smoking can also contribute to developing bone disease and increase a person’s risk of experiencing fractures. Similarly, heavy alcohol use can make calcium absorption harder for the body and may lead to lower bone density and a higher risk of developing osteoporosis.

Building towards better bone health

The best time to focus on bone health is before a problem occurs. But even for older individuals, taking proactive steps to preserve bone density is essential. Seniors are often more at risk because of a higher chance of regularly consuming low-quality foods and living a more sedentary lifestyle. However, regardless of age, all people should focus on eating nutrient-dense foods, engaging in regular exercise every day, and controlling behaviors that might contribute to bone density loss. Individuals concerned about bone health should speak with a physician.


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