A Simple Change To Prevent Chronic Disease

Experts have found that eating the recommended daily amount of fruits and vegetables can significantly lower a person’s risk of chronic disease. And 7 of the 10 top causes of death in the US are a result of chronic diseases. Despite this fact, only 1 in 10 adults in the US get enough fruits and vegetables in a daily diet. Follow these tips for adding more of the good stuff.

ReNue Rx Eating More Fruits And Vegetables To Prevent Chronic Disease

How much to eat?

Specific recommendations can vary based on a person’s age and sex. In general, however, adults should eat at least 1.5-2 cups daily of fruit and 2-3 cups daily of vegetables. These foods can be fresh, frozen, canned, dried, or consumed in a supplement form. Even 100% juices will count towards the daily intake. Just make sure to watch out for added sugar or sodium that could have adverse health effects.

Quality in addition to quantity

Getting some fruits and veggies is better than no fruits and veggies. Still, people will see more health benefits from eating a variety of foods. For example, citrus fruits will pack a punch of vitamin C. At the same time, leafy greens can be a good source of vitamin A. Winter squash, bananas, and tomatoes are all full of potassium, which can help reduce blood pressure and decrease the risk of heart disease.

Learning to get creative

People who struggle to get enough fruits and veggies may need to rethink how to incorporate these foods into a daily diet. Try adding spinach to a morning smoothie or omelet. Snack on carrot sticks and hummus instead of chips and dip. Add tomato slices to sandwiches or switch out pasta for spiralized zucchini noodles.

Your diet affects your life span

Around 60% of adults in the US have at least one chronic disease, like heart disease, cancer, or diabetes. These conditions can significantly increase a person’s morbidity. However, people should be heartened to know that many of these diseases are directly linked to modifiable risk factors, such as not exercising, smoking, or not eating enough fruits and vegetables.

What if I need more help?

In some cases, people may still struggle to get the daily recommended amount. If this is the case, taking a daily greens supplement can provide up to 13.5 servings of fruits and vegetables. A well-balanced diet is always the priority in improving nutrition. However, a high-quality greens supplement can also help fill the gaps in meeting nutrient needs consistently. For more information, speak with a healthcare provider or pharmacist.


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