Diabetes Prevention Made Simple

Diabetes affects over 100 million American adults, and the numbers keep rising. A prediabetes diagnosis is the first warning of elevated blood sugar levels that can quickly turn into a full-blown diabetes diagnosis. Managing blood sugar levels with healthy lifestyle choices and medical intervention is the winning combination for preventing diabetes and related health complications.

ReNue Rx Diabetes Prevention Treatment What To Do About A Prediabetes Diagnosis

Get the body moving

Increased physical activity is a powerful way not only to lower blood glucose levels but also to reduce body fat. Health experts recommend patients exercise at least 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week. Everything from running to biking to low-impact activities for patients with limited mobility can keep a diabetes diagnosis at bay.

Pay attention to the scale

Patients who are overweight may feel unmotivated about losing weight, even to stave off diabetes. Fortunately, overweight patients can experience enormous benefits by losing just 5-7% of body weight. Losing about 10 pounds could decrease the risk of diabetes by over half for a person weighing 200 pounds.

Healthy eats

Part of an effective workout routine or weight management plan is a solid nutritional plan full of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Patients diagnosed with prediabetes should eat a diet high in fiber and low in fat and calories. A few healthy alternatives to high-calorie snacks and meals are simple to implement with the right ingredients.

Get enough Zzz’s

Everyone should be getting enough sleep, especially patients with a prediabetes diagnosis. Patients who get suffer from sleep deprivation have a harder time losing weight. A lack of sleep also affects the way the body uses insulin. Maintaining a consistent sleep schedule and avoiding lights from television, laptops, or smartphones can improve sleeping habits.

What’s up, doc?

Patients with a prediabetes diagnosis should visit the doctor every 3-6 months. Patients should consistently monitor prediabetes symptoms to ensure blood glucose levels are not running rampant. A simple doctor’s visit can help patients stay on track with all health goals and find the right medication if needed.

Staying motivated

A significant part of adhering to a diabetes prevention plan is staying motivated throughout the difficult journey. Finding ways to get in the right mental space can go a long way to seeing results. A strong support group can make committing to the health journey much more accessible. Diabetes prevention is possible over time with a few small life changes. Patients with a prediabetes diagnosis should speak with a healthcare provider for treatment options.


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